We headed Back to the Ranch

“What ranch?  You went to a ranch?” Jabber asked.

No, it’s a figure of speech, Jabber.  We went back to the motel.  Actually, we checked into the motel.

“So you’d never been there before?”


“Then you can’t say you headed BACK to the ranch ’cause,” Jabber helpfully explained to me, “‘Cause first off, it wasn’t a ranch and second off, you’d never been there, so you can’t go back there.”

She’s quite correct.  And she makes no sense.  How about that?

We checked into our motel for a nap.

It was a lovely place, too–a new Hampton Inn where we got SUITES! and SWEETS too!~  Yep, free cookies right there when we checked in.  And free coffee.  And free apples.  Guess what we chose?

No, don’t bother.

An’ guess what Jabber photographed?

“The hotel?”


“The rooms?”


Jabber photographed what was available in the mini mini mini shop where one could buy treats:


Actually, Jabber photographed this because…

This represented Jabber

This was Thumper

And this was Girlfriend.


A flavor for each one us–how thoughtful of the ice cream people to do that!

Oh, never mind….

We checked in and had a nice nap and then went to CCQ Daughter’s house for a delicious supper.  I mean a DELICIOUS supper!

And a haircut.  Which was only obtained by Jabber.  Because she needed one and Granddaughter knows how to cut hair, that’s why.  So she did.

“Tell ’em more ’bout Covington…it’s more interesting, anyways, than ice cream flavors…”

Ok.  But nothing is much more interesting than ice cream flavors.

We saw this sign in a shop.  Jabber commented she does this too, as well as mooing at cows….

And we considered getting this for a new mother, but we are old mothers and have no intention of becoming new again and didn’ know any new mothers….so we passed on this one.

In your spare time, make one of these for your very own self out of a wooden plank thingy-ma-jigg you see all over the place….


We never figured out who this guy was….

Girlfriend, feeling powerful and in charge! The town is hers!

See here? It shows where we were.

Whoa! There they are again…..Jabber was simply fascinated by those workers, employees of the County.

Now, if you think THIS was an exciting day, just wait ’til I tell you about the next day when the Brocanters take the mighty Memphis!



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