The Brocanters Take Covington!

“Where did you take it?  For that matter, where WAS Covington to begin with?” Jabber inquired, very innocently.

Oh, alright, she didn’t ask it innocently.  She came along with two of the Brocanters, Girlfriend and Thumper.  Along with CCQ Daughter.  Oh yes, did!

In Covington, Tennessee!

Covington is a charming little town, a ‘throw back’ (if you will, or even if you won’t) to quieter times where town squares were the center of daily life and people went to shop and dine and catch up on what was going on in their village.  It’s close to Millington.  Sort of.

“Where’s that?” Jabber asked.

I don’t know.  West Tennessee, close to Memphis.


Yes, three of us suddenly decided it was time for a vacation, so we took off for parts unknown for a couple of days.  We vacated!  Here are some of the sights we saw…..and adventures we had!

First up, a trip to CCQ Daughter’s husband’s company’s (that’s a lot of apostrophes!) plant.

This is the facility as we approached it–one side is the Unilever plant–the largest manufacturer of ice cream in the U.S. at this plant (I believe)–and the other side is the American Cold Storage Plant. They are connected. The American Cold Storage Plant is new, state-of-the-art and a model for receiving/distribution/holding of cold products for the company, the U.S. and the world!  And they will be adding on in the near future.  An amazing complex indeed.

First up, a tour of the amazing, roboti-sised new cold storage plant which CCQ Daughter’s hubby runs! It’s brand new and state-of-the-art.

Shipping and receiving docks. This plant occupies about 9 million square feet–it’s HUGE.


Cameras monitor the entire plant–so the Brocanters tried to be on their best behavior. Of course, Girlfriend spotted the free coffee and donuts right away and helped her very own self. We followed suit. (Girls gotta’ eat!)

Thumper behaving and Girlfriend getting coffee. Oh wait a min….Thumper having donuts, Girlfriend getting coffee in the huge break room!

State-of-the-art conference room with table equipped for computer hook ups in the center.

Outside of the building.


CCQ Daughter and husband. We truly enjoyed our time there!

Next, to the town square of Covington for lunch at the cutest little restaurant with the best food!

The Courthouse in the center of Covington’s business square.

And what’d you think?  Who’d you think was there?……Jabber got all caught up trying to get a good photo of the inmates doing some work outside the building…..

“You might o’ joined ’em, you know.  Coulda’ helped a lil’ bit….” Jabber helpfully suggested.

Well, we didn’t.  We went to lunch and toured the cute shops!





In case of emergency, Jabber supposed….a handy phone booth.

Or perhaps one might have need of a Buckeroo Hat?


We considered taking in a movie–but nothing was playing…..

And this picture is because Thumper particularly is interested in cows and their moos. Do not ask why.

“Why?” Jabber asked.

Oh alright.  I’ll tell you, but shush!  It’s a secret.  Seems that Jabber likes to make the moo sound when she sees cows.

“MOOOOOO” like that.

Thumper recognized the sound immediately (she’s very quick)–but Thumper being Thumper thought about it a bit and asked, “What sound do you make when it’s a male cow?”

Jabber was stumped by Thumper.  And also both of them were laughing so hard they really couldn’t properly consider the answer.  Maybe you know?   Well, ever afterwards, we kept running into cows.

“Hurt any?”  

No!  I mean we just kept seeing cows and pictures of cows and, anyway, that triggered the laughing once again.  So that picture is for Thumper.  Sos she can laugh.


Oh never mind.  One of those things you had to have been there to understand.

“Did Girlfriend understand?”

No.  But that’s because she’s not nuts.  Yet.  We’re working on it.

We decided this sign said it all for all of us!

“And I bet you were, too.”  Jabber stated.



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  1. vickie
    Mar 27, 2015 @ 13:52:24

    I shall always laugh whenever I hear moo…and think of our fun trip…. Thumper


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