Poppy’s Politics

“But she’s not old enough to vote yet!” Jabber stated emphatically.

Oh, this is true.  She isn’t.  But it doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a sense of the political.  She does!  She is firmly entrenched in the Canine’s Rights Party.  I have to say she’s likely the promising leader of said party, perhaps before she is even legally able to have the right to vote.

At four months, young Spicy Royal Red Paprika considers herself to be in charge.  A true up-and-comer of the CRP–if you place an ‘a’ in between the ‘r’ and ‘p’ you will understand how Miss Poppy‘s people feel about said political activity.  At any rate, she’s definitely trying to set the STANDARD in behaviors around the Chateau.


She is extremely curious about all goings-on in the Chateau, especially the preparation of food and the doing of laundry.

I don’t think she aspires to be “Daisy” however.


I think she aspires to be Lady Grantham.  And she’s making progress.

Now four months old, she’s able to place paws on counter and see what is happening, sometimes REACH what is happening in the kitchen.  This requires Mrs. Patmore to place all foods and dishes far from the edge of said counter so as to prevent Poppy from obtaining a sharp knife or a dish and absconding with it.  The most alarming thing she did yesterday was place paws on stove close to the gas flame.  Now, Mrs. Patmore must be sure to cook on back burners.  (Jabber fears it won’t be long before she is able to reach those as well.)

{I have to wonder if Mrs. Patmore really does.  “Does what?” Jabber asked.  

Oh, you know.



“Poppy likely knows,” answered Jabber.}

Racer Daughter reminded us last night that one of Miss Poppy‘s predecessors was ‘cured’ from this bad behavior by simply the pressing of the paws whilst ON said counter.  These steps were taken, immediately.   Surprised, but duly reprimanded, this activity has not been repeated.

Whilst thinking about the proper upbringing of a Royal, it occurred to me to look up what Cesar Milan has to say about it–this idea whilst Jabber was surfing the TV and ran across said Mr. Milan’s show, Leader of the Pack.  If one resides with a canine, this is a must-watch program.  Several new ideas were presented and further investigation with the internet Youtube provided additional tips for the humans.  TMWLH instigated one having to do with proper walking just this very morning–and it worked!  Miss Poppy trotted along just brilliantly right next to him all the way round the block, sans any pulling or tugging or yelling (on the part of TMWLH.  Miss Poppy doesn’t yell.)

When it comes to the laundry, The Spicy Royal Red Paprika is most curious about what is going on?  First clothes are sorted, allowing the opportunity for a sock or undergarment to be obtained and quickly whisked out of the room into an area for exploration.  Secondly, said clothes are placed in a large white machine and some sort of liquid or liquids are poured into it, and then the lid is closed and the box is left alone for a while.  All of a sudden, a series of notes emerge from the box, the lid is opened and said clothing is placed in yet another box.  Similar activities occur, sans liquids, and then said clothing is hung on hangers or folded, allowing yet another opportunity to abscond with items.  However, these items are not as interesting as, say, TMWLH’s dirty socks.  It is a great mystery yet seems to occur at regular intervals.

Yesterday, Jabber informed Miss Poppy that IF she, Jabber, had a fur coat as Miss Poppy did, then she would not find it necessary to go through this ritual.  Alas, Jabber has no fur coat.  Miss Poppy replied that it was high time Jabber got one.

You see?  One plank of the CRP‘s party platform is “A Fur Coat for All” (just not one of theirs for humans, if you please–get yourself a faux fur coat, Peebles!)   Fur hats do not apply–witness Mr. Peroit’s loss the other day (previous post)–obviously because some animal somewhere is missing a fur CAT errr coat.  If it was a cat, well, this is the Canine Rights Party, after all. Enough said….

When guests arrive, Miss Poppy is the first to greet them, unless they happen to be unknown MEN.  They are always suspect, so Miss Poppy allows Jabber to greet them whilst she, Miss Poppy, sits in the kitchen watching from afar.  Seeing that they are friendly, she will then go and introduce herself, generally with a bite to the shoes or shoelaces.  It always works–getting attention.  We must investigate what Mr. Milan has the advise on such occasions.

Raising a puppy is not for the faint of heart as has been previously reported.  They are cute, yes.  They are entertaining, yes.  They are also incredibly smart and resourceful, and political.  If you see her name on a ballot in the next election, by all means vote for her.  You’d BETTER vote for her…..or else! (You did read about Mr. Peroit’s fur cat hat, didn’t you?)


Leading Candidate for the CRP party.




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