Mr. Peroit’s Lament

“Uh oh,” Jabber commented, “I think I know how this is going to end.”

Well, all I can say is that Mr. Peroit is not pleased.  Of course, Spring has sprung and it was high time his Cossack hat was removed and he returned to more, errr, dignified apparel as Butler for the household, sans hat.

He suffered through the holidays in this hat, all the while maintaining his stiff upper lip:





But then, the weather turned very cold and he donned this hat:

And occasionally threw on a fur wrap to stay extra-warm:

Poppy has had a hard time resisting Mr. Peroit’s fur hat.  She had not arrived at the Castle until after the holidays, so she never saw Mr. Peroit’s Santa hat.  Likely a good thing.

Yesterday, I arrived back at the Castle after foraging for food at the local emporium.  (It was, after all, Old People’s Day Senior Wednesday where one can obtain a 5% discount due to one’s Senior status PLUS some ‘gem’ for the mere sum of 1 pence.  I do so enjoy obtaining gems.  One needs a coupon for this benefit (and perhaps ID to prove that one is of Senior status, although no one has asked me about that for some time) and so I had placed said coupon in my file along with other selected coupons, thus saving a grand total of over $45.  Plus the gem for 1 pence.  But I digress…..)

As I was saying, returning home from the emporium I discovered TMWLH collapsed in his chair with the look of absolute surrender on his face.   Miss Spicy Royal Red Paprika was dancing a jig all around him, successfully attacking his shoe laces, shoes, trouser legs, and generally wrecking havoc.  He was trying to get control, alternately saying, “sit” and “no!” in forceful voice to no avail.  Finally, after a chase, she was apprehended and given ‘time out’ in her kennel to consider her actions.

TMWLH announced, “SEE WHAT SHE’S DONE!”  Alas, Mr. Peroit’s Cossack hat was strewn about, now nothing but stuffing and a fur rag, with pieces of the stuffing lying here and there in the living room.  Seems that Miss Poppy had managed to get through the fence we have erected specifically to keep her out of said area.

TMWLH said he found her in there once and removed her, but then she immediately was in there again before he knew it.  He said, “I think she must have jumped the fence!”

Upon further inspection, we discovered  the fence had a gap in it–between two fences, actually–and she’d finagled her way into the room through the gap.  Needless to say, we immediately mended it.

Too late, however, to save Mr. Periot’s hat and so next year, I suppose, he will have to be cold or we’ll have to locate another hat for his head.  He is, after all, bald…..

  Although he can wear many hats.



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