St. Patrick’s Day


What do almost all of us have in common?


Have you guessed?

“You all like to eat?” Jabber suggested.

No, Jabber.

Well, YES, Jabber.

We all like to eat, but that’s not what I was getting at.

St. Patrick’s Day supper at the Corner Pub with Jabber’s very bestest of good friends–all wearing green, of course.  ‘Sept Sosew who forgot to wear it–and she’s IRISH for sure!  Some had GREEN beer.  Jabber din’t.  Jabber had red wine.  Jabber is consistent, her friends are adventuresome.  (This is ’cause, I suppose, Jabber is only partially Irish?  Jabber’s Grandma–her Daddy’s Mother–was Scotch-Irish.  Her name was Carrie, a good ol’ Irish name, now, ‘taint?)

TMWLH is 100% Irish!

So, have you guessed yet?

Almost everybody is of IRISH descent!  Hope you had a grand St. Patrick’s Day too!


Spicy Royal Red Paprika din’ go to supper with us, though.  She had found TMWLH’s sock and that sufficed for a while.

Poodle entertained by sock.

I don’t think she’s Irish, either.  More Tasmanian Devil at the moment.  But a cute one!


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