Girls Running Amuck!

“Seems to me that you are ALWAYS running amuck!” Jabber commented.

Oh yes, Weeders!  We did!  We did!  Some of us, anywho….others of the Brocanters had other ‘irons in the fire’ as they say…

“Who says that?  What irons?  What the heck are you talkin’ ’bout?” Jabber asked, frustrated at the lack of clarity.

Well, I say that and the “irons” were other things to do.  It’s a manner of speech, it’s a colloquialism–oops–I should not have said that.  I forgot Thumper is ascared of big words and I went and used one.

“No,” Jabber said thoughtfully, “She gave up bein’ ascared of big words an’ clowns an’ foreign food like Black Forest Cake.  Don’t you remembers?”

That’s right.  Did!  So, as I was saying…..

WHAT was I saying?….

Oh yes, Thumper, Girlfriend and Jabber took off for The Goodwill in Franklin since almost no sales were to be found.  We looked; we searched online, in the newspaper, and all the other logical places like signs on major roads.  Alas, no sales.  So what were we to do?

But first, it was a trip to Meridee’s for breakfast.  That’s in Franklin, and it’s a fun place to get sandwiches or breakfast or sweet rolls.  Yes, we did.  We had breakfast and sweet rolls.  And coffee.

And THEN we were off…….

“You are always ‘off’…” Jabber remarked under her breath…

Yes.  So at The Goodwill, a good time was had by all.  But only Jabber came home with stuff.  Good stuff, mind you, but alas, she was the only one to find said stuff.

Here are some photos of the stuff:

  “So that’s how come YOU came home with stuff?” Jabber asked…

No.  It’s for You-Know-Who….



Actually, some consideration was given to this pillow (below)–

The other side of the pillow….

Which looked something like a flattened Poppy.  The color was tempting, being the same color as Poppy, but in the end, Jabber decided it would be too depressing to have around.  And Poppy would likely just eat it, anyway.  The Princess pillow was selected instead and placed on top of Poppy’s house/kennel.

Additional grand finds are:


Blue enamel cookbook stand, $1.99

  Photo book for $.99. This will be used for holding coupons, not ‘vacation memories.’ We don’t have a vacation planned!

Sandals, $4.99

And it’s Saturday which means some items I purchased (not shown) were 50% off and a senior discount was applied to all items.

Well!  Time to rock and roll and off we went towards home….but then we remembered there was a consignment store sale in Bellevue.  So we hurried on over to Tickled Pink where 50% markdowns were offered on a variety of nice clothing.  Again, Jabber was the only one to come home with anything from there.  However, Thumper is credited with locating this (brand new, by the way) for a total of about $5.50:

So now we were hungry.

“Wait a min!” Jabber stopped me from continuing, “Were you?”

Was I what?

Tickled Pink?”

Oh nevermind, Jabber………

Thumper suggested we go to the Pizza place, just down the way from Tickled Pink, and have a pizza.  Once again, we stumbled into a GEM!

Outside of Sir Pizza

This has been in the same location for a long, long time–but it’s the first time Girlfriend and Jabber had been there….




Obviously, Thumper had been there before.  Look how she cozied up to the Knight!  I don’t know for sure that THIS is her knight in shining armor, but it is somebody’s.

  “Thumper is looking unusually pleased with her very own self,” Jabber commented.  As well she should.

And the pizza was good too–it was a throwback to neighborhood bars and pizza ‘joints’ which were prevalent back in the dark ages when I was young.  Just loved it!

“So….did you have beer, too?” Jabber inquired.

Nope.  Didn’t.  But next time we will!  Turns out one can get a bucket of beers (6) for $7.  Next time, we’ll have Girlfriend drive and the rest of us will swizzle beer as we gobble pizza.

Hope your rainy day included some fun, too!




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