Ladies Who Lunch and other tales

“Where’d you go?  What’d you do?” Jabber inquired, although to tell the truth, she was with them, so it’s hard to say why she asked such questions.

To lunch in a fun restaurant is where we went.  And then to a movie!

Yes, it was the quarterly outing for the girls–I’d love to say we did this every week, but as situations have had the audacity to get in our way, we haven’t been able to do it every week.  Actually, we were trying to recall WHEN we’d done lunch and a movie and determined it might have been a year ago.  When one is a busy Diva, it’s hard to find the time for such frivolity.

“Busy doing what, persactly?” Jabber asked.

I don’t know.  Stuff.  Things.

Girlfriend and Thumper and Jabber ventured off into a nearby area, Green Hills, to the Firefly Grill for lunch!

In “Bandywood” which is the name of the street.

“Oh, yeah, sure.  PROVE it!” Jabber chided me….

Girlfriend and Thumper pose on a bench in front of Firefly.

Inside we enjoyed the…..eclectic? decor!


I think this proves that if you have ENOUGH of ANYTHING you can decorate a place and make it…..interesting?  (Pinterest, eat your heart out!)  BWAHAHAHAHAH

Old Christmas tinsel garlands, Christmas lights, cut out pieces of paper hung from string, a chalkboard or three listing the dessert specials of the day, posters and framed photographs, Mardi Gras beads, and a bunch of other, well, stuff hung up everywhere in the restaurant gives it a Bohemian look.

Lunch was interesting–a variety of menu items–from their Mac and Cheese, hamburgers, steak sandwiches, tomato soup, to more exotic fare (Jabber had exotic–Jabber is nothing if not exotic).  Oh alright, Weeders, it was tempura shrimp in a bowl with rice in the center and a mixture of red cabbage slaw over top of it.  Yes, it was good.  And for Jabber, it WAS exotic.

And people watching was fun, too!  From some young people in present-day Bohemian garb to some women of a certain age (that is to say, ’round our ages) provided visual entertainment.

Finishing lunch, we went off to the movie, “The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.”  Wonderful, hilarious, lots of fun to see!  But be sure to see the first movie–which has the same title without the word ‘second’ in it.

“Huh?” Jabber asked, confused.

In order to understand the movie we saw yesterday, one should have already have seen the first movie–with more or less the same actors in it–“The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.”  So, rent that first and then go see the new movie.

Time to head back to “reality as we know it” (home), and to fix a quick supper for tonight.  Jabber had watched Thumper eat her tomato soup at lunch and had a ‘hankering’ for it….

Alas!  No tomato soup in the cupboard.

So she made some her very own self.

Homemade tomato soup with tuna sandwiches on cranberry/ walnut bread.

Here is how:

Take a can of these

Any canned tomatoes will do–but these already have a bit of flavor added (basil, oregano and garlic), so easier to whip up.

Put the entire can of tomatoes in your blender and whirl until totally pureed.

If you wish to get all perfectionist about it, you could then strain the blended tomatoes through a strainer and you’d get a creamier soup in the end, but I didn’t.  I just poured the blended tomatoes into a pan, added a bit of cream and milk, some homemade pesto (frozen last summer),  about a teaspoon of Italian seasoning, some pepper, and a bit of dried garlic.  Heat well, whisk, taste, and add whatever else to the soup to enhance its flavor.  (Consider a little bit of sweetener, too, which I didn’t add–but thought later it might have enhanced the flavor.)

Really delish!


“Wait a min’ here!” Jabber stopped me from hitting the ‘post’ button, “What’s ‘and other tales’ part of the story?”

Oh.  That.  Okay….

The ‘tail’ is on the left.


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