The New Project…..

“Always a new adventure/project when Bob shows up!” Jabber said enthusiastically.

Bob K. launches a new adventure here in decorating/remodeling/painting.

Indeed!  You may recall that the mannequin “Luther” was rigged up outside by Bob, as well as an upside down Christmas Tree this past holiday season.  Bob is a man of MANY talents, including hanging mannequins and Christmas trees….

“Luther” from Christmas with the Kranks–Luther is trying to get Frosty on the roof.







No, seriously, Bob is a man of many talents.  And he’s a friend both TMWLH and I treasure.

TMWLH. (The Man Who Lives Here). Here he is, relaxing in bed, watching TV.

(Let’s face it Weeders, without Bob the light bulbs in the ceiling wouldn’t be replaced when they go out–we can no longer safely reach them as should  be obvious by the photo above and below.)

TMWLH and Jabber. Somewhere. They can’t recall exactly where.

Not to mention he successfully deals with our small, teething, biting “bear cub”.  So I won’t mention it.

Small bear cub. (aka Poppy)  Which I’m not mentioning.

This year’s project involves changing the hinged craft room doors to sliding doors.

Craft room doors–before changing them.

This because furniture had to be moved every time they were opened or closed AND they never closed easily, failing to latch properly at the top without a loud SLAM to get them to ‘catch.’

Oh, alright.  I wanted them changed.  But the rest is true, too.

I like to close off the craft room for obvious reasons–come on Weeders! I’m not all that neat when things are being created.  Sometimes we must take a break, but who wants to clean everything up and then get it all out the next time?  Best to close the doors on the mess and leave it.

Bob had a great idea–create sliding doors out of the existing hinged doors.  There was wall space on either side of the (rather large) doors and (here it comes–the infamous phrase…) “all you gotta’ do is….” add some width to the doors and some height and design a system for them to slide.

There!  Problem solved.

Well….not quite yet….but, true to his reputation, Bob has designed a system and the doors are up and sliding, but not finished.  All the trim work and painting will come next, and Bob is an EXPERT at creating really nice-looking (spectacular!) remodeling creations.

Bob and I have laughed many a time at the phrase, ‘all you gotta’ do is….” generally uttered by people who have no idea what they’re talking about, telling others how to complete a project.  It is NEVER that easy!  And it often takes twice the time, twice the money, and more than twice the expertise these people consider.  (True confessions:  I’ve been guilty of using it myself.  Now, I’ve learned.)  So when Bob his very own self said, “all you gotta’ do is….” we both  chuckled–and it would be a new adventure in creating and adapting a system to work in the area.  Bob is no stranger to creating sliding doors, having done so in his own house a year or so ago.  Still, every house is different and every situation will require adaptation to get the look one wants for the finished project.

Doors are off and above door has a board added to increase its width.

He’s always in a good mood! Why, sometimes, I have no clue. I’d be pulling out my hair with some of the projects. Infinite patience.

Demonstrating how the doors will slide.

Construction almost done, but finishing will take time. Bob’s finished projects always look fantastic.

Here’s a close up of how the doors slide.  I will post the finished project later.  These will be so much more convenient to use!

Right now they just look utilitarian–but just wait!  Bob always finishes things well.  As sliding doors, they will certainly be more functional, but they will also be a ‘feature’ of the room itself.  I will report!


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