Organizing and Walking Your Bear Cub

“That doesn’t make any sense!” Jabber proclaimed, rightfully.

We need to take time to ‘smell the roses.’  “There aren’t any roses right now!” Jabber interjected.

Quite right, Jabber.  But what I meant is we need to take time to enjoy what we have, our surroundings, the beauty of the little things in life.

Yesterday I opened a cabinet in the kitchen and…..SMILED.  I was smiling because I was noticing how pleasing the dishes looked in the cabinet.  Not that I had planned them to look that way nor that I had just rearranged (I had not), just that I took the time to notice.  And it made me smile.

As you know, most of what I have is from yard sales–how lucky I am to have cheerful dishes to look at and from which to eat.  It’s one of those pleasing little things in life.

I rather like the look of the glasses stored in this cabinet too.

Three of my most fun accessories–canisters with bunnies on top!


Well, of course, where else do you think I got them!  A yard sale!  They are such fun.  (Frankly, not too useful per se, so I have other functional canisters in the cabinets–but I do store some things in them.)

So that got me busy cleaning out a few drawers–not that this is important, it’s just pleasing to have them clean and organized.

Kitchen ‘gadget’ drawer. I found all the trays at various yard sales–for a quarter or less. They work so well in drawers.

Narrow drawers for dish towels–I’ve found rolling them will accommodate the space.

There are always some things which we don’t use much, but like to have.  So they need storage facilities where one can see what one has without having to dig.  I found this cabinet at a sale–originally it was for CD storage, I believe.

But this is what I use it for:

The drawer at the bottom of the cabinet holds miscellaneous holiday items.

Enjoying what one has is a key to happiness.  While not all of my house is organized and I’m not the MOST organized and/or neatest person I know (some of my friends astound me at how organized they are!), it is still emotionally and functionally pleasing to have one’s things organized.

“Wait a minute here, ” Jabber interrupted just as I was about to sign off….”What’s with the ‘walking your bear cub’ in the title of this?”

Oh.  That.

Well, you see, yesterday I walked Poppy–we were training and she was learning how to heel and then sit down when I stopped walking.  For this she got a treat.  A man was walking two small dogs and I crossed the street so Poppy would not be distracted.  The man was frowning at me, and then said (in a rather unkind manner), “What kind of a dog is THAT?”  I replied she was a standard poodle, only a baby, and Poppy and I walked on.  He continued to look at me disapprovingly, but moved along.

Poppy has not been groomed and won’t be until after her last baby shot, March 25.  She is extremely furry, brown and round, with large paws and her ‘behind’ wiggles.  In fact, her entire being wiggles when she lumbers walks.  Many people have remarked she looks just like a stuffed teddy bear.

It dawned on me, later, that the man thought I was walking a small bear cub.  I laughed out loud at the idea!  Next time a stranger inquires what kind of dog she is, I’m going to say, “She’s an orphaned brown bear cub we are raising in captivity,” and see their reaction to that.

Small bear on the deck foraging for food, what else?


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