Spring is Springing

“An’ so is the Poodle.  She’s Springing…” Jabber wryly commented.

Signs of spring at the back of our house:


Beautiful day here!  The little daffodils made it through the ice and snow and even produced more blossoms!  Remember, this is a mere couple of days since the temperatures were around zero and we had a coating of ice and snow which semi-paralyzed the South.  The “Pansy Forest” Red Bud tree branches have buds.

Along with the flowers comes the…….


Poppy observes all the ‘big world’ from the deck.  She’s not figured out how to go down the six steps (a good thing at this point!)  Soon it will rain and there will be mud.  It would be best if she waited a while to actually run around in the yard.


Poppy’s play pen. What do mothers do without play pens?



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