Spring Thaw!

“Yes, indeed,” Jabber smiled as she viewed the greater outdoors this morning, “It’s partially thawed and today may finish the job!”

Side walkway to the right (our house)…..

Jabber and Poppy had reason to be happy as did TMWLH who has tirelessly taken said Poodle Pup outdoors multiple times every day (and night) of this March winter siege!  Poppy was happy because her “far away” had suddenly reappeared and now, at last, she knew where to sniff and relieve herself, should she be so inclined, which she wasn’t.  I fear she’s developed some bad habits we are going to have to correct, and Pronto!

But TMWLH reported he’d taken Poppy Puppy for a long walk this morning and she and he had thoroughly enjoyed the sun’s warmth and melting the ice and snow.

Girlfriend and I, however, sans the rest of the Brocanters (all off on safaris of their own, no doubt), decided to go on a house tour.  Oh, alright.  I wasn’t really a house tour, it was an estate sale.  But at the prices at this particular sale, it was a house tour for us.  We had fun despite coming away empty handed.

If you have an extra 4 mil hanging around not doing much (after all, interest rates on your money aren’t much these days), you might want to consider this as your new home?

Hmmmm?  I’m showing the BACK of the house!  It’s in Belle Meade on (I think) 1 3/4 acres.  This house has 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms plus 2 half-baths, a movie theater and pool room, and, oh my!  It’s gorgeous!  To the left in the photo above are fountains, to the right is a huge hot tub and towards the front of the photo (not shown) is a swimming pool with tables, chairs, and so forth surrounding it.

The fountains

      I loved the turtle fountain here!

At the side of the courtyard is a PLAYHOUSE!  (And Jabber wanted to play right away, but didn’t.)

Playhouse with a swing set to the left (not shown)

Then, there is the Pool House!  Oh my, Girlfriend and I decided we could LIVE in the Pool House!

Inside the Pool House:

The sitting area…


Kitchen on the other side of the main sitting room

Ceiling in the Pool House main room

Video of the bathroom in the Pool House–the ceiling there is spectacular!

I will show you some of the rest of the house with the next post!  Hold on….it’s coming shortly!









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