House Tour with Spring Thaw!

Continuing from the previous post, Girlfriend and I decided to look through the home with the estate sale.  We quickly discovered the prices were beyond what we wanted to consider, but it surely was fun to tour the home!

A room with one of several fireplaces in the house. The player piano was quite elegant, especially for an estate sale!

A view of the entry from the second floor–oh my!

The posts in the railing on the second level–just beautiful!

The bar was off two of the main rooms. From here one could access the living room, the dining room, or the family room.

I noticed this computer screen–how fun!

Girlfriend and I departed, nothing in hand, but enjoyed our hour touring such a beautiful home!

Driving home, I saw that the sun was melting the snow and ice–very pretty sight too!

A gazebo on my drive home–the snow is quickly melting off the roof.

Of course, Miss Poppy greeted me when I came in.  She wanted to go out on the deck to enjoy the sunshine, so we did.

                  Cute little paw prints we likely won’t see in the snow for several more months–at least we hope so!


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