A Very Happy Poodlette

Marilyn, Marilyn, quite the Contrarian,                                                                                                               How does your garden poodle grow?” Jabber recited the Mother Goose rhyme….

Of course, no garden at the moment–but yes!  The Poodle Pup is growing!

“Poppy is beginning to run this house!” Jabber declared, laughing.  

Okay, she isn’t laughing all the time!  Miss Poppy is getting to be a big girl, now maybe 25 pounds worth of Poodlette (for those of you don’t know, “poodlette” is my Frenchified term for, well, small female Poodles), and she’s learned new tricks.  (Depending upon the lighting, she is either a copper-color or a brownish color as you can see in these pictures and videos.)

Poppy takes care of another paper towel roll!

She has discovered that if she takes a running leap she can hop up on the couch.  So, of course, she does.

She has discovered the front hallway has a credenza where a plant WAS.  It isn’t there now–she got it and managed to topple it over.  The plant was rescued and joined another on the kitchen island, where it is out of reach, but not for long.

She has learned how to steal napkins off of seated laps.  She is prohibited from human food, of course, and so far we’ve been successful in that endeavor.  However, she’s tried on several occasions to get that plate! off the table.  Her reach is impressive.

Yesterday whilst Jabber was rescuing said plant and giving it some water, Miss Poppy stood up on her back feet to see what was going on–and when she couldn’t quite see, she told me to pick her up.  Which I did.  And she watched as the plant was being watered and also took a good ‘scan’ of what, exactly, was UP there on the counters.  I have a feeling she has plans in the near future……

She has discovered that snow and ice are cold and she doesn’t really LIKE being cold, although it’s worth it if someone else in the neighborhood walks by.  Then she strikes her cutest pose and waits to be admired, tail wagging all the time.  She will endure the cold if she can meet a new person.  Or dog.

Rain, on the other hand, is ignored.  She is, of course, a puddle puppy.  However, umbrellas are suspect.

She knows where her ‘cookies’ are and periodically asks for them during the day by sitting prettily and smiling at me.  She has learned the following:  to come when called (and she does!–this is somewhat of a novelty to us as Security didn’t always come when called, she always asked ‘what’s in it for me?” before making her decision), to sit to get a leash on and off and before I place her filled food bowl down, to shake paws for a ‘cookie’ (but seemingly only for me, not anybody else), to make a running leap into her kennel at night at bedtime–she gets two tiny ‘cookies’ for this and loves them, and she understands and actually DOES  ‘down’–as in ‘lie down.’  Again, she will do that for me providing there is a tiny treat as a reward.  She fetches and actually brings the toy BACK to whoever threw it.  (See the video of Poppy bringing back her toy orange bone above.)   And she drops it at our feet (most of the time)!  Amazing to us!

Best of all she loves to cuddle in the mornings.  I relish this time with my growing puppy because I know it won’t be long before she is too big to be a lap dog.  Or maybe not.

Her curiosity is never ending!  She has discovered ‘up’ and now looks around her to see what new mischief awaits.  I’m sure she calculates how to get into said mischief, too–because often she waits until we aren’t watching to do it, whatever it is.  Then, when caught, she ever so stealthily zooms out of the room, sometimes with the prize in her mouth, sometimes just leaving before she gets told, “no!”

 Both TMWLH and I believe she is extremely bright and a fast learner.

Housebreaking is problematic at the moment–there is ice and snow and it’s cold!  She loves to take a walk.  Well, the two clear days we had the past week, we took a short walk–and she knows how to heel and to sit when I stop walking.  Treats are her incentive!  She knows I keep them in my coat pocket on these occasions and always is very eager to do what I ask.  For a price, of course!  (I told you she was bright.)

Teething is also an issue–she will chew on anything including me.  We try to substitute toys or an icy dishcloth (I keep one in the freezer) when we get in the way of her never-closed little mouth, but sometimes that doesn’t work.  I’ve discovered that a paper towel roll tapped lightly on her bottom (and I mean lightly as in playfully) is not something she likes, so she will sit down to avoid it.  Also, talking through that paper towel roll is unpleasant to her, so that seems to work as well.   We are hoping those adult teeth come in soon!  TMWLH has so many band aids on his hands he looks like a mummy!

There is one thing most annoying, however–she tries to ‘hump’ people.  Being a very small GIRL poodle, this is not only inappropriate, it’s downright hilarious.  (Who can possibly take a humping 4 month old female poodle seriously?  But we try not to laugh.)  It’s a sign of dominance, and we discourage her strongly when she does this.  But, I have a feeling this cute little Diva would be the ‘leader of the pack’–if she had the opportunity!

Aside from the normal puppy issues, she’s become a delightful and fun fixture in our lives.  We are so glad that Spicy Royal Red Paprika came to live with us!

Poppy explores the deck–her playpen for now!

Poppy on Friday out on the deck

Chewing up some tissue she absconded with……YUMMY!


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