Walk a Mile in My Paws

“What?  You don’ have paws!” Jabber exclaimed.

This is true, I don’t.  But Poppy has paws and she walked a whole mile this morning–all the way ’round the block with TMWLH!  He reported she stopped about 2 houses from us and just sat down.  After a brief rest, Poppy continued and was very proud of her very own self for taking her man person for the long, long, long walk to the far-far-far away places!

For this, of course, we had a brief celebration–a treat for Poppy and a nice nap!

Last night, Racer Daughter and family came by for a visit with Poppy–to tell you the truth, they all are enjoying her.  Here she is greeting the I. T. guy (my son-in-law):

So so so happy to see you!

Tonight we will finally celebrate his birthday–a couple weeks late, but the weather hasn’t been cooperative!

Last night, however, was only a brief visit with lots of licks and chasing of Poppy’s favorite cousins and her favorite sister and brother in law.  (Always the favorite if one is here to visit!)


After they left, we ate our dinner of chicken piccata, rice and brussels sprouts.  Yummy!

Chicken Piccata is so very easy to make and so yummy….go here for the recipe:


This time, I simply made rice and cooked brussels sprouts to complete the supper.

Delicious for a cold winter’s night.

Meanwhile, Miss Poppy decided it was time to take a rest, get some petting from her people (obviously they’d been ignoring her for all of two minutes), and call it a day.

Poppy resting and smiling as she gets some much needed attention from her People.


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