Poppy’s At-Home Adventures

“When One is a small poodle and there is ice outside in ‘far away’ where One is SUPPOSED to sniff and relieve oneself, what else is there to do but entertain Oneself and guests with whatever is available?” Jabber mused this morning, thinking of the very fun time Poppy had with her cousins….

Snuggling with One’s cousin is very nice in this weather.

And so Racer Daughter and her two off-spring (Poppy’s cousins and yes, my Grandchildren) came by for a visit late yesterday afternoon–this before we had more snow and sleet and rain.

The ‘boy’ arrived too!

Miss Poppy had a date at the Vet’s today which we put off for several days due to road conditions.  She now weighs 18.6 pounds.  She’s gained about 10 pounds in a month.  She is going to be a big girl we think!

There is this minor issue with shoes.   What I mean is that it’s a minor issue if it isn’t YOUR shoes (or shoelaces).  She really loves shoes and pant legs.  If it is your shoe or pants, you will be walking with an 18 pound poodle attached to you for a while.  She hangs on!

I hope you are finding your own entertainment INSIDE, staying warm and cozy and well-fed!



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