Stuffed French Toast

“It’s 10:30 and I’m getting hungry again,” Jabber said.  “We still have ‘nuf food around here?”

Yes, we do.  I hope you have enough food in the house–here around the Harpeth we’re expecting yet another round of sleet and snow and we haven’t dug out from the last one.  It was close to zero overnight!  But most of the main roads are clear.

Being 111, however, I am not venturing out on the ice.  Ergo, gotta’ see what’s available for breakfast/brunch today.

I have eggs, milk, some store-bought bread, cream cheese, butter, and jam.  I will make stuffed French Toast this morning!

Simple to make, but does take time to cook–you want this to cook slowly.

Use semi-frozen slices of bread, spreading cream cheese on both sides of the sandwich.  Then put a layer of jam on one side.


Make a sandwich and gently and carefully dip into an egg/milk mixture in a large bowl.  (I used two eggs and a splash of milk to make it–you can add vanilla or cinnamon or almond flavoring or whatever you wish to the batter.  This time, I didn’t, but such additions give the sandwiches extra flavor.) Pierce the top side of the sandwich as you dip a couple of times.

Heat butter in a large fry pan on low heat and gently place the sandwiches in the pan.  Pour any leftover egg/milk mixture over the top of the sandwiches.

These have been cooked on one side and flipped over.

At the very end, when you think the cheese is beginning to melt inside the sandwich, turn up the heat a bit and add maybe a bit more butter to give it a good crust on both sides.  Remove from pan, add powdered sugar.  Serve with meat if you have any (bacon, ham, sausage), and/or fruit.  Syrup likely optional–this is already sweet, but if you like, you could add syrup.

Stuffed French toast with turkey bacon



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