Soup’s On


Vegetable/meat soup with cheese

“What kind of soup is this?” Jabber inquired before devouring it.

I don’t really know what to call it.  Lots of vegetables, some meats, chicken broth topped with two types of cheeses make it very delicious.  You may call it whatever you like.  It’s one of my varieties of leftover soup.  Here is how it was made yesterday late afternoon:

I searched through the refrigerator and freezer and came up with a variety of vegetables to include–already chopped celery, onions, peppers, a frozen box of chopped spinach, some chicken broth.

(Remember to look through your vegetable drawer in the fridge every week or so.  If you find some vegetables which are not going to last much longer and you’re not going to use up, by all means chop them and place in freezer bags.  Label.  Do this also with any cooked vegetables leftover which you won’t use up.  You will have vegetables ready when you want to make this soup–both thrifty and healthy alternatives to letting them go bad.)

Prepackaged vegetables from the freezer

Vegetable puree–mixture good in soups and sauces, made from mostly peppers, onions and tomatoes. I added this, too, to the soup.

So I began with a little bit of olive oil and sautéed the frozen vegetables a little until they were warm.

I put all that into the big pot and added some vegetable puree, frozen, chopped turkey (left over from a prior meal) and then about 2 cups of roast pork loin which we had last weekend.  (Use chicken if you like or beef–the milder meats take on the flavors in the soup.)  Pour in some chicken broth if you have it, or you might like vegetable broth or beef broth–or even just water.

Added these:


To this mixture, I added a bit of salt and pepper and then about 2 Tablespoons of this–

Essence of Emeril

Has a lot of flavor and a bit of heat.  This mixture was found on a website (Emeril’s?) at some point in the past and we like it on grilled meats, but it’s also good in soups.  I mix it up and keep it in a tightly sealed container.

Heat until bubbly and you can let this simmer on the stove until supper, stirring once in a while.  Be sure to TASTE IT and add salt and pepper or whatever other flavor you’d like.  I did put some hot sauce in the soup, but not very much (you can add that in your own bowl when you eat it).

Then, right before serving, put some cheese in the bottom of the bowl–I had some cheddar and Monterey Jack leftover in the fridge–


Layer on your soup and top with more cheese.  The cheese will melt into the soup and give it an additional richness.  You need add nothing but a good corn muffin or crusty piece of bread–there are meat and vegetables in the soup.

You can feel good about yourself, too–you have used up your leftovers and been very frugal.  And you’ve made yourself (and your family) a delicious, hearty and healthy supper.  (This made a lot of soup, so either eat more the next few days or freeze it for later.)

Poppy observed the process but didn’t taste.



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