How cold is it?

“Cold ‘nuf for you to have some really strange nightmares!” Jabber stated.

“Like last night, You was dreamin’ was so cold that the Big Bad Wolf AND Lil’ Red Riding Hood came in to warm up!”


Big Bad Wolf!!

And his paws! (I think he and Lil’ Red got married–he’s got on a wedding band. Now there is some news for Mother Goose.)

And here is Lil’ Red her very own self!

“Wait a min’ here!” Jabber interrupted, “She’s got a cell phone!  Is she callin’ Grandma’ to tell her that they’re on their way?”

No, Jabber.  She’s checking the weather–in my dreams, anyway.  Then, who else do you think showed up?

It’s a beautiful witch and the P man!

They were cold, too–the beautiful witch and the “P” man.

Turns out that the “P” stood for procrastinating, but they didn’t!  It was so cold they came right on in……

“Good grief you have strange dreams!” Jabber stated matter of faculty–err, with her faculties–oh whatever………

“So who else appeared in your dream?” Jabber, now curious, asked….

Well, Bobby Jones, the great golfer.  It was too cold to golf!

An’ then, he brought along some lady in pajamas……

She kept saying, “What did the Fox say?” and none of us knew what the Fox said–so we asked the wolf…

The Wolf didn’t know what the Fox said….so the mystery continues….

Some beautiful Gypsy showed up, too–she didn’t seem to care if there was already a wolf and a fox and Lil’ Red and a Great Golfer in the house–she came on in….

“So, then, was that all?” Jabber was no flabbergasted!

Nope.  Pretty soon, who do you think came to the front door?  VANNA WHITE! and a tool man–can you believe it?

Vanna White brought her Board, too–in case she needed to turn some letters. The Tool Man was there to fix things, I think. But I’m not sure.

Nobody was sure what this guy was–we think maybe a Bat outta’ H-E-double hockey sticks?, but we’re not sure–he had on bat wings.  On the other hand, he had on a very Patriotic Helmet?  It was a dream, people, a dream!  Okay.  It was a nightmare.

We don’t know how to caption this

“Alrighty,” Jabber said very very slowly as in “al…..righ……ty” “You’ve gone daft!”

Likely.  It’s cold, there is ice everywhere and good grief, The Earl and Lady Grantham showed up, too–and here I am without supper prepared.


However, Mr. Peroit, the Head Foodman Footman did lay the table, so at least that’s done!

Turned out that they all brought food, they all shared (including the Wolf), so we ate hearty.  What a dream!  I can only wonder what tonight will hold–it’s supposed to get down to VERY cold as in around 10 degrees.


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