Daisy’s Adventures

For the purpose of this post, the part of Daisy will be played by Paprika (aka Poppy).  I bet you could have guessed that.

Jabber (Mrs. Patmore) and Poppy (Daisy) enjoy a happy moment in the kitchen.

“So, now, Daisy, it’s time to lay the table for the dinner here, you’ll have to put away your books,” Mrs. Patmore ordered.   

“But, Mrs. Patmore, I was just sniffin’–I mean studyin’ the world news and it says here that there is to be a great food shortage.  Do ya’ think it might be here?  Do you think it might impact my food bowl?  I mean my cooking’ lessons?  An’, it also says that there is to be an increase in the wages for us, all of us.  Do you think that means I will be able to pay for my own education?” Daisy inquired earnestly.

Oh Daisy, you’re a cook, don’t you be gettin’ high faultin’ ideas in your head, now–“

“But Mrs. Patmore,” Daisy implored, “I can learn!  I’m sure that I’m clever and I can learn!”

Well, right now, it is time to put away your books and the papers and get to the cookin’ else wise we will all be hungry right now, food shortage or no….”

“I don’t want to!  I want to read more!  I do! I do!” Daisy was getting defiant.

And then Daisy did the unthinkable–she snapped at Mrs. Patmore.

With that, Mrs. Patmore rolled up some of the paper and swatted Daisy on the top of the head.

“What?!  What?!!  What are you doin’ Mrs. Patmore!” Daisy yelped loudly in disbelief, not that the swat hurt, of course, but in shock that Mrs. Patmore would do such a thing.  And Daisy proceeded to run to the other side of the kitchen yelping and talking all the time to Mrs. Patmore who immediately felt badly she’d swatted Daisy, but also knew that Daisy needed to learn her place in the scheme of the kitchen and household.

Right promptly, Daisy picked up her books and put them up,  and then began to lay the table for supper, warily looking at the various newspapers scattered around, all available to be rolled up and used in a similar fashion.

“Alright, Mrs. Patmore.  Yes, you are right.  I should be mindin’ my manners and not get carried away with my position here nor the possibilities of the future. ” Daisy acknowledged, a bit resentfully.

After silently considering her position and the current situation of the world, Daisy finally came to a conclusion about her behavior.  She would, of course, continue to be curious about the world and education and such (especially what was in the various cupboards and that big white cabinet which was very cold when opened–it had intriguing smells when the doors were opened and she wondered what they might be!).  However, she knew her position was that of assistant, not head cook.  And with some contriteness, but not too much, Daisy resolved to not snap at anybody again.  Especially Mr. Carson.  She’d drawn blood a few times when she snapped at him and he had been quite patient thus far, but was nearing the line of also popping her in the head with a paper.  He was always reading a paper, too, being a man of the world.

Mr. Carson with Daisy in a quiet moment.

She also realized that it was through Mrs. Patmore and Mr. Carson that she might increase  her status in the world–from that of a small assistant to a woman of the world, maybe with a career!  Mr. Carson had alluded to such during their walks when he showed her the larger world, new friends both canine and human, all of whom seemed very nice.  Maybe she would become a great walker! like her predecessor had been, known all around the neighborhood as the Red Standard Poodle!  She might even SET the Standards for the rest of the Poodle world!  She could hardly contain herself at the thought.

“So, Daisy, I’ve been thinking about your education,” Mrs. Patmore began a while later, after supper had been cleared and Daisy was vacuuming the kitchen.

I will pay for your education if you promise to be diligent and continue your duties so I don’t have more to do than I can say grace over!”

“Oh!  Mrs. Patmore!” Daisy was immediately grateful and continued, “Would I be able to venture beyond this kitchen then, into the outside world and see what’s beyond the gates these small areas in which I am now confined working?”

“I don’ see why not, if you are diligent.  And no more snapping at me or Mr. Carson!” Mrs. Patmore agreed.

“Mrs. Grantham is coming this weekend to do some cake tasting for Lady Mary’s wedding.  

Mrs. Grantham played by CCQ Daughter. Of course.

She will want some peace and quiet while she is venturing into this part of the realm, so mind your P’s and Q’s Daisy!” Mrs. Patmore continued.

Lady Mary played by eldest Granddaughter

“So now it is time to do some cleanin’ and straightenin’ of this house, hop to it!” Mrs. Patmore instructed and Daisy hopped to…..

Daisy assisting Carson in routine household cleaning.

At first, it was rather intimidating to clean the carpets with the machine, but Daisy quickly caught on and was soon very helpful vacuuming.  (I am making this up, Weeders.)

Daisy took to pointing out various spots of dust for Mr. Carson.

After an exhausting couple of hours vacuuming, Daisy excused herself and rested for a bit, happy in her dreams and thoughts of her future education.  She could hardly wait!


The Earl and Lady Grantham played by TMWLH and Jabber

*In future posts, Jabber and TMWLH may play various roles–here is a photo of them in one of them.  Although it hasn’t been published previously.  I think it was last Halloween, actually, when a great Gala was held at the estate.  I shall look back and see what photos are available.




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