Security has left the building

On her own terms, in her own time, with about 4 hours to say good bye.  And she did say good bye to TMWLH, me and other family members who came by.  Elegant to the end, the true “Paris Hilton” of Poodledom, Miss PollyAnna gazed out the front door for a while, took one last trip to the front yard, came in, lay down and, hiding under a large piece of furniture, peacefully and quietly passed on.

The Mystical Sundance PollyAnna Poodle had spent the morning as always, with a 1 mile walk, a nap or
two, some nibbles at kibbles, begging for a bite of our breakfasts and generally supervising the
abode.   She was taken ill about 3:30 p.m. by strokes.  She wasted no time.  Just as we were taking her to the van to go to the emergency room, she passed on from this life to the next.

Now, she is waiting for us at The Rainbow Bridge.

We shall miss her.

*TMWLH = The Man Who Lives Here

Weekend Activity


Hi All Y’all!

Here I go with a new program with which to blog.  Wish me luck as I’m learning as I go along.

Deciding it was the last nice weather here for a while, Racer Daughter and I brought up some of the Christmas tress from under the house.  We set them in the driveway before bringing them in—this so we could decide where to place each one.

Neighbors walked by with their children and dogs—and did a double-take as they passed our house.  Quite a sight indeed.





 There she is!  Thanks for the help, Daughter.





Hold on!

Got a new computer system.  Trying to learn it.  Jabber isn’t helpful, but at least she’s trying.

Son-in-law (Information Technology Guy) IS helpful and he’s setting us up with a new program.


Thanks all Y-all.