Unusual Room Divider

About a week ago I posted about a large old window, found by Daughter, which we decided to use as a partial room divider and as an ‘object de art.’*

Here it is.  (This is the first step in a series of redecorating ideas for the living/dining room area.)


It looks so good that one of my (adult) Granddaughters did not even NOTICE that it had been installed.  It looks like it has always been there.


Friend and creative artist Bob K. designed the hanging installation with antique cow stanchion clamps and metal straps.  (See below picture.)




One concern was safety—this window is not going to fall nor swing because of the way it is hung.  I’m so happy with it! 

Now…………on to the next project!


ob·jet d’art (ôb′zhĕ där′)

n. pl. ob·jets d’art (ôb′zhĕ där′)

An object of artistic merit.



Peter Rabbit Garden Cake this year

I made the carrot cake again this year and topped it with Marzipan vegetables and bunnies.  This year’s “Peter Rabbit” cake:






For directions, go here:


Easter Bunny Cakes



(Albino bunny with pink eyes, ears and nose.)


image   image

Bake a round cake (these are plain white cakes).  Freeze the cake rounds as they are easier to cut frozen.  Make up frosting or use store-purchased.  (I used 3 oz cream cheese, 1/2 stick melted butter, 2 Tablespoons milk, 1 teaspoon vanilla and about 1 lb confectioners sugar).  Cut cake rounds in half.

image     image

Cover a piece of cardboard in wax paper—I covered in foil first and then wax paper.  Place some frosting on it to secure the cake.  Frost one side of the cake round and stand on edge.  Do same with the other half and push together.  Cut a notch in the cake as shown—use the notch at the back of the bunny for a tail.


Frost the remainder of the cake and press on coconut.  Use jelly beans for eyes and nose if desired.  Cut out paper ears (I used pink magic marker for inside ears).  Press into the cake as shown.


Place green-tinted coconut (place in zip lock bag, add food coloring and shake well) and jelly beans around the base of the bunny.

(If you want to change the bunny to a cat, dog or other animal, change the ears and slightly reshape the tail and face with frosting.  Coconut could be colored with food coloring or toasted for a different color ‘coat’ for your animal.   This would be a cute birthday cake for a child.)

Living in a Cartoon World

We had our Bradford Pear trees trimmed back earlier this year.  This in order to prevent them from splitting when a mighty wind came along.  These trees are notorious for splitting.  Ours had become quite tall.  They are over 20 years old and most don’t last that long.



Here is a second one in the yard:


You can see the very TALL trees behind the Bradford Pear trees…..



These other trees tower over our house and they DO worry me sometimes as they can bend and sway in the wind when a storm comes up.  But they aren’t our trees……….


I chuckle when I look at our trimmed trees—they are growing sprouts at the top.  Soon they will have branches and be full—it is amazing how much they can grow in a short while!

I think they look like cartoon trees—maybe from the book “The Lorax”? 

"Unless someone like you…cares a whole awful lot…nothing is going to get better…It’s not."   Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax

(That book was written in 1971—and it certainly pertains to today’s world.)

Meanwhile, Security is busy in her own world with a ‘new’ ball she recently rediscovered in the yard:

image  image

She can play, all by herself, for a while as she chases the bouncy ball around the deck.  Security is 12 1/2 in human years—and does quite well for a ‘lady of a certain age.’  She can be very entertaining with her antics.  A long time ago someone told me that standard poodles can be clowns.  While Security would bristle at such a label, I think she IS at times.

Sometimes I live in a cartoon world!

Cat Walk.

You think I jest, don’t you?  Nope.

“Did ja’ walk on a really thin rope over a ravine or somethin’?” Jabber asked.  “Or was it a narrow ledge high over a chasm?”

No, of course not.  We are not the rope-walking type, although we haven’t tried THAT lately.  Might, you never know……….could test our balancing skills, I suppose.  (I hope LEADER doesn’t read this.)

Today, whilst on our 2 1/2 to 3 mile stroll on the Greenway, we attempted to add another member to our group.


Three of our group, Vanna, Thumper and Girlfriend—there are two way ahead of us also!


I’m the shadow taking the picture.  Well, no, I’m not REALLY a shadow, I’m really more of a cut out (see previous explanation of this in a prior post), but that’s how the picture came out.  Oh nevermind……..

Okay, so we’re walking, right?  And who do you think we find along the way, running out to greet us?


“What did you do, knock her down?” Jabber asked.

No, of course not.  She laid down, right there in front of us, asking for some petting and attention. 



She LOVED Vanna!


(Yes, yes, I know the other two walkers are now VERY FAR ahead of us.)

We were out for the ‘esoteric’* experience.  (Apologies to Thumper for the big word.)  The fast walkers were out for a, well, a fast walk.  Different expectations, although I can’t say that Vanna was actually looking for a cat, but maybe she was.

At any rate, Vanna had her a cat.  The interesting thing about that is Thumper DREAMED that Vanna got a cat, just last night.  So dreams really do come true.  Or something…….

Cat decided to walk a ways with us, alternating between lying down on the ground to be petted and trotting along side Vanna.  This until Cat discovered some grass which needed nibbling.  End of walk for Cat.

We walked on and sadly when we returned, Cat had been called to other activities and disappeared from the site. 

So Vanna had gotten a cat and lost it all within the same walk. 

I don’t think this was in Thumper’s dream, but who knows?



Syllabification: es·o·ter·ic

Pronunciation: /ˌesəˈterik


  • Intended for or likely to be understood by only a small number of people with a specialized knowledge or interest.                                                                                          http://www.oxforddictionaries.com/us/definition/american_english/esoteric

  • So, Weeders, if you understand this, you are part of only a small number of people with a specialized knowledge or interest.  In other words, you are also qualified to attempt cat herding.  No guarantees.


    This will be interesting……..

    “What’re you up to now?” Jabber skeptically asked……

    Today ‘we’ are going to hang a big window. 

    In the living room. 

    On a beam. 

    Or at least, prepare it to be hung.  Sometime. 

    Soon, I hope.

    “HUH?” Jabber looked at me as though I’d gone crazy.

    I don’t have to ‘go’ anywhere.  I’m already there, Jabber.  So you can stop looking at me that way.

    Yes, a couple weeks ago Daughter presented me with an old, beaten up window about 4 1/2 feet by 5 feet.  It is a magnificent old piece of ‘architecture’ which I love.  (Alternatively, it’s an old beaten up window.  Take your choice, Weeders.)

    image  image

      Much discussion has ensued and consultation with Bob K, who will do the installation (of course) about where to hang it, how to hang it and the overall effect said window will have on the décor.

    “Why?  Why are you doing this?”  This question came from TMWLH, also known as The Olde Dog. 

    I don’t ever try to answer his questions.  He doesn’t have the vision.’

    Oh, you know whatthe vision’ is, don’t you?  Of course you do. 

    Adds character.  (I know, I know.  I don’t need any additional character. I already are one.)  But I digress……….

    So, yesterday Bob K. arrived with two large metal clamps with chains.  He’d removed these from a contraption previously used (in the dark ages) to contain cows when milking. 

    Not his cows. 

    He doesn’t have cows.  He has horses. 

    But they were used to contain somebody’s cows.  A long time ago.  Before industrial milking. 

    Just what a girl dreams of all her life! 


    “Are you having COWS in the living room now?” Jabber inquired, now interested in the process.  “You’ve already got cows in the laundry room, now you’re going to have them in the living room, too?”








    (Cows in laundry room, above.)

    Most certainly not.  Just the clamps.  And chains.  And some old corrugated metal tin wrapped around a beam from which to hang said window. (‘Sides, Jabber, everybodies know that cows belong in LAUNDRY rooms, sometimes in kitchens, but never, ever in the living room.  Good grief, do I have to ‘splain everything?)

    Oh, and Daughter and her cohort in design work are making old wooden shutters for the front window, too!   Because I asked for them, that’s why.  Also because the room won’t look beaten up enough with just the old window added.  It needs MORE!  The rule of three.  (I’ll explain the rule of three at some other time.  Sometimes it isn’t really three, but it should be an odd number.)

    “YOU are an odd number,” Jabber interjected.

    They have a business and are having a lot of fun with it.  I am benefitting too, so for that I’m quite pleased.  Go here to see their website:


    Of course, one thing leads to another, which is quite natural, and we’re approaching the ‘while we’re at it’* stage of the project, so who knows what is going to happen?  (Actually, the shutters are the first additional project of the ‘while we’re at it’ stage.)  (TMWLH is shuddering as he reads this.)

    *“While we’re at it” stage of redecorating:  the logical decision to do something ELSE whilst one is doing the first project because it is, well, logical—I mean, if one is redecorating a room, then, while one is/are at it, why not do another project for said room—or ANOTHER room, too?  This ensures that one will have multiple changes in one’s home going on all at the same time, particularly prior to a holiday when one is going to have 14 guests and has a large meal to prepare along with multiple cakes all requiring intricate design work, too. 

    Also because of the rule of three, as yet unexplained.

    If you have not experienced the ‘while we’re at it’ stage of redecorating or remodeling, then you have NOT done it properly!

    This is the beginning of said project, so I will keep you updated.  It should be interesting.


    News from the Front

    When one is 111 or so, survival can be a matter of outsmarting the younger/quicker/more agile and especially, the machines!

    Therefore, I offer you (from time to time), NEWS FROM THE FRONT, a summary of experiences and observations about the on-going “survival war” we seniors fight every day.

    Today’s news:

    Vanna reports she made a trip to the Social Security office this morning which required only 24 minutes, record time!  She watched a man try to get through security there with an ice pick, cigarette lighter and a thermos with ‘punch’’.’  The man said he was blind and did not know how he got that stuff.

    “Wait a minute!  an ICE PICK?!” Jabber was astonished.

    I assume he did not gain access, but then you never know.

    Vanna, however, did get access and resolved her issue without wasting an entire morning.  THAT is what’s astonishing!


    Computer Savvy:

    No, I’m not.  But I’m sort of able to use the thing, and one of the great programs on it is “Calendar.”

    Oh, I know, all you youngsters use something like “Evernote” or some such on YOUR iphones.  

    Does anybody out there still like a PC over the iphone?  I think I’m the last one.   (I’ve got one of them, too, but I don’t have every ap available, although I’ve got enough to confuse myself and be unable to locate the ONE I do want to use, thank you very much.)  But I digress………

    Anyway, Calendar allows me to schedule my oh-so-busy-life and automatically reminds me of activities or dates I need to recall.  You know, doctor appointments,  birthdays, parties (of which I have maybe 3 or 4 a year), that sort of thing.  But the most important thing I use mine for is to remind TMWLH to change the furnace filters every month and to remind me when to give Security her monthly medicine.  And to schedule the monthly task of cleaning the washing machine and dishwasher.

    Shocked, aren’t you, at my organization?  My friend, the Princess, was.  In fact she laughed at me.  Her life is so much more full than mine. 


    Speaking of iphones, Racer Daughter showed me another ap this morning and promised to give me a rundown and a run-through with it should I choose to add it to my growing accumulation. 

    Anyway, this new ap thingy supposedly is easier than texting, so if I get it up on my phone (excuse me, if I successfully download it), and I figure out how to use it, I’ll report.  If I remember.  I think I’ll put that on Calendar so I’ll be reminded.


    Facebook.  I’m a lurker. 

    The thing is, I read a long long time ago, that you put yourself at risk if you give too much information on Facebook, so I decided (after I signed up, of course) not to give much information.  So I am a cutout.  I mean my picture is a cutout.  A silhouette.


    No, this isn’t my silhouette.  Did you know how to spell silhouette?  I didn’t either, so I looked it up on the internets.  Amazing how that works, isn’t it?  Entire dictionary there, at your fingertips!

    Oh whatever.

    The gubment and corporate Amerika has all the information about me it’s going to get.  I’m not that interesting anyway.  (As previously established, I’m a darned Cut Out!)

    I don’t have anything to add to Facebook—I mean, who cares if I cleaned the washing machine today? 

    One thing for sure, you can’t say I don’t try to use this new-fangled stuff.  Haven’t tried Twitter yet.  THAT limits you to characters per message.  Likely an improvement over Facebook and definitely an improvement over blogs. (Mine especially.  I know what you are thinking).

    Every generation reinvents the paper and pencil.  (Except, of course, the generation that really DID invent the paper and pencil.  They were genius!)  When I was employed (that means I was working, back in the dark ages, right after invention of the paper and pencil), all the rage was a time-management scheme called “Day Runner.”  They had day-long SEMINARS on this ‘system’ for God’s sake.  Like we couldn’t read the directions.  It was a pretty good system, but the thing was “Day Runner” wanted to not only run your day, it wanted to run your LIFE.  (That was ‘back in the day’ when we got not only the day-long seminar, but also got a free lunch.  Once upon a time, there was such a thing as a free lunch.)

    Which is what all these new-fangled machines actually DO now….no, no, they don’t give you a free lunch!  Pay attention!  They run your life!  (See, you don’t even know it.)  So, in the end, “Day Runner” won only now it’s on a machine.  Called an iphone, I think.

    I still like pencils and paper.  That gives me some control, anyway, over what I write down on my ‘to do’ list.  And, besides, I can always erase things I decide later in the day I don’t really want to do.

    Like clean the washing machine.


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