More Photos from the Race

Below, Leader with Deborah who both ran/walked the half marathon on Saturday.  This is the first half marathon for Deborah—and she came in at about 3 hours!  This is the 9th or 10th marathon and half-marathon for Leader!  What fantastic women!

Below, Deborah with Mac, Leader’s running partner for years.  Deborah is really truckin’ below!

A group shot below!  At one point where orange slices were being handed out, Deborah thought they were handing out Taco shells!  (She forgot her glasses, so she could not see ahead.)  Yes, she did eat one when she realized what they were, said she was getting delirious at that point.

(Sorry for the lack of brightness in these photos—picked them up from Facebook and could not adjust the light intensity on them.)

Below:  Before the race—Sandy (left) and Maisie


Sandy, below, at mile 10—why we are all STILL  smiling 2/3 of the way through that half marathon is beyond me, but we did!


And after with their Medals!


Marcia ready to Rock and Roll!


Maisie, Marcia and Sandy ready to go!


Sandy (below) before and when she got home!    image


13.1 miles DONE!

I thought this was interesting:  66 women between the ages of 65 – 69 were entered in the half marathon.  (There were a total of approximately 35,000  women in the entire full and half marathon.)  We group of Y-KNOTS are a total of 7, making us more than 10% of women 65-69 doing the half marathon.  (Note:  Deborah is still a youngster, under this age group–and, of course, she beat us!)  And all of us finished in under 4 hours.


Who said anything about GETTING OLD?!

A very special THANK YOU to Leader!  She trained us well.


(L to R both  photos above):  Jabber, Kaki, Deborah, LEADER, Maisie, Marcia, Vanna, Sandy


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