Race Day Report!

The day, April 26, 2014, began with wonderful 50 degree temperatures, sunshine, and about 50,000 of our closest friends showing up for the party race!  (Well, yes, it was sort of a party!)

Here a view of some of the crowd as we waited to be ‘waved off’……



Above, some of the women who will be walking the half marathon from our group:  Marcia, Sandy, Jabber, Vanna and Kaki.  Missing from the photo:  Leader, Deborah and Maisie (of tree-trimming fame!)

ALL of us finished under the 4 hour ‘time limit’—this is 13.1 miles, Weeders!  That’s a long, long walk through the streets of Nashville! 

image  Maisie, Vanna and Kaki

Not too many photos along the way—we were too busy trying to keep one foot in front of the other and keep movin’!


A large blow-up ‘balloon’ under which we walked.

There were lots of bands and musicians playing for the walkers/runners—not only is that festive, it does make one move a little bit quicker. 

Tons of supporters with signs, clapping and encouraging everyone, even those of us who were definitely at the back of the crowd of participants—THANK YOU TO ALL OF THEM! 

There are always volunteers who offer water and Gator Aide, plus sometimes snacks along the way to keep everyone moving and hydrated.  The temperature rose to around 80, so the last hour was very challenging for many of us.

Some of the supporters stood at the curbs with hoses spraying in case a walker/runner wanted a brief cool-off!  THAT was a welcome bit of relief, too.

CCQ Daughter, two Granddaughters and Great Granddaughter were at mile 8 to cheer us on—almost didn’t recognize them nor them us—the crowd was so large!  And they appeared again at the finish line to cheer our success.  Racer Daughter, who did not race this time, kept in touch with them and us via text messages.  Racers can be tracked online and that is what they did—track us!  So they knew exactly where we were at all times.



My dear friend Vanna and me (Jabber, R) after we had finished!  (Let me assure you, we ached all over, but we were very glad to have finished!)

When I receive more pictures of all of the WINNERS in our group, I’ll post them.



I have to mention the following:  Everyone in the group is mid to late 60’s and we’ve trained intensely for 4 months.  We have overcome physical obstacles—every single one of us—which would stop many.  We trained in sun, rain, snow, cold (very cold) weather six days a week.  This is one incredible group of courageous women! 


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Coupon queen daughter
    Apr 28, 2014 @ 21:23:06

    I’m so proud of you all! What an amazing accomplishment . I am in awe and admiration off all these wonderful , strong women who attempted and accomplished this walk/run!!


  2. harpethview
    Apr 29, 2014 @ 05:01:00

    Thank you!


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