“There you are ‘gan,” Jabber pondered out loud.  “You peoples is NUTS!”

Yes, what’s your question Jabber? 

Seems half-craziness is contagious and we’ve infected same on some of our Brocanter friends.  Lucky Sosew wasn’t there this morning, so she missed out.  She is the only one still sane.  Or at least as sane as this group ever is.

Achillies* Weeders, it was only Vanna, me and Girlfriend for standers early this morning.  (But not for enders.) 

(*Achillies means actually—Jabber likes to make up words here lately.)

Where oh where was Cupcake?  Where could she be?

OH! We all fixturated it out at the same time……..

—at the YMCA in a class!  We drove there, parked in front, and formulagated our attack….sent Girlfriend in to go grab her. So Girlfriend snuck into the workout class and drug her outta’ there.  None too soon, Cupcake reported.  She was about to go against the wall!  (with the body ball—where one has to squat umpteen times with one’s back pressed against a big rubber ball for support.  A possible horrific encounter of the sore muscular type.)

Girlfriend saved her from that!   And crunches to boot….

“Crunches to boot?  How are those done?” Jabber inquired, flabbergasted.  “Does one put on boots to do it?”

No, but we put on hats today towards the end of the sales. 


L to R:  Cupcake, Thumper, Girlfriend, Jabber and Vanna.

The hats were only $1 each and such a selection to choose from!  We all found the PERFECT hatification for each one of our very own selves, don’cha’ think?

And when Girlfriend got into the van on the trip home, she discovered her hat said this:*


The label is “So Patricia’

And, other than Girlfriend, what do you think Girlfriend’s REAL name is?  She said this gave her goose bumps.

So it was officially declared HAT DAY! and we all donned our hats as we tromped a block back to the van.  On-coming traffic didn’t stop, but I thought I saw a couple of quizzical looks coming from some of the occupants of the vehicles.

EXPLANATION:  *Actually, her hat didn’ really SAY that.  It just had a label in it which said that contained those words.  There was no speaking by hat nor label involved—not actual voice speaking.  Which is why I took a picture of said hat with said label.  Didn’t want you to think that we were now talking to hats.  Only do that on the second Saturday of each week.  Never at sales.  People look at us strangely. 

But we do talk to the odd dog here and there.  Well, not actually odd dogs.  There is nothing really odd about them.  They really are NORMAL dogs.  They just are sort of random, sprinkled here and there.  So far this year, no chickens.  But yard sales have just begun and there is hope! 

I digress………

So we had safely kidnapped Cupcake and took her with us on our adventures.  Shortly into them, however, Thumper called—she’d ESCAPED THE HATCH!  And she wanted to meet up with us.  By that time, we had a chair in the van which was a bit full, so we did a ‘drop off’ at Vanna’s car and then picked up Thumper who looked none the worse for wear.

(Keep in mind that the Bunny Day was just last Sunday and she did look a bit tired, which was understranded by the rest of us’uns.  Not that we actually have BEEN bunnies, you know, but we understand bunnies.  At least we think we understand Thumper. 

Wait a min’—there goes the hand signal with the eraser sign.  I guess I’ve said too much here………)

Among the many trophies and goodies, guess what Cupcake found?  THIS!  Almost as cute as Cupcake her very OWN self.


Cupcake’s Cupie Doll

And Jabber bought, according to Vanna, ‘the most ugly, unusual, weird thing I’ve ever seen!”


For only $3!  Which, of course, makes it a bargain.

What do you mean, ‘what is it?”  Let me give you some hints—it weighs about 5 lbs.  It has notches and straps.  And hooks.  And metal. 

“Horse harness?” Jabber thought…..

Nope.  It’s a belt used to climb trees.  Which of course I have no intention of climbing, but you never know.    Aside from that it is unusual and leather and, well, Daughter, in her new endeavor of being creative with old, worn and interesting things, might find a way to use it.  

Or else SHE can climb trees if she likes.  Up to her.

It’ll be a REAL SURPRISE.  “Here you are, Dahhlynn’!  Your own tree-climbing belt!  Now, go climb a tree!”

Yes, I imagine she’ll be absolutely delighted.

Satisfied we’d created enough havoc for the day, we all went home to go through our finds and have a nice nap!

‘Cept for Jabber who couldn’t help but continue to admire her new hat.  It is just  

          just   so  

                  so   soooo



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