Birthday Girls!

In which we eat some pie which isn’t and have a grand time…….

Both of them, 39!image

Girlfriend and Sosew, Birthday Girls

“I see an empty plate and some ‘to-go’ boxes—what happened?  You guys not able to STUFF yourselves with everything?”

No, weren’t!  Went to the Stuffy Puffin, no, that’s not right, it was the Puffy Stuffin’, no, no, that’s not righter either—oh, I remember!  It was the Puffy Muffin!  That’s where we went!  And they do have delicious food.

Being too hungry, we forgot to get a picture of the food.  But it sure was good.

image  Cupcake and Girlfriend



Vanna and Thumper


The Brocanting Brigade!  (L to R):  Vanna, Thumper, Jabber, Cupcake, Girlfriend, Sosew

“For ‘Sert, Vanna got everybody a Boston Cream Pie which, on the way home, Girlfriend observed wasn’t a pie at all.  It was cake.  Why’d they do that?  Name it a pie ‘stead of a cake, I wonder?” said Jabber who was caught up in the excitement of it all.  She REALLY loved that pie cake, …….oh….. the lunch, all of it!

Happy birthday good friends!  And many more pies AND cakes to you both!

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