Beasts of the Southern Wild

We went to the premier screening—well, the second night of the premier screening—of the movie, Beasts of the Southern Wild, on Saturday night.  The screenings for both Friday and Saturday nights were sold out!

The movie itself is thought-provoking.  It’s the story of one small girl and, through her eyes, the unfolding of her world experiences.  The story is fiction with some real-life overtones and one is both appalled and fascinated by the culture in which she lives, the celebrations and tragedies which unfold, and the thoughts she has about all of life itself.  In many ways, it is one of the more profound movies of our day, prompting everyone to think about a variety of issues.

Secondly, the producer, Matt Parker, and the main male character, “Wink”, Mr. Dwight Henry, were there and answered audience questions after the screening.

And thirdly, we met some new friends as well as Matt Parker, the producer himself, who just happens to be the son of a friend.

Interesting aside:  both the little girl in the movie, Quvenzhané Wallis, and Mr. Henry had never performed as actors before.  Mr. Henry is from New Orleans, has the beautiful, lyrical, natural accent from that area which makes his speech so interesting.  He was ‘discovered’ in his bakery which is located across the street from the production company’s offices.

The little girl, Quvenzhané Wallis, who was age 5 when cast in the role, won over 4,000 contestants for the part.  She is incredible in her debut acting role.  Read more about her and the character she plays, Hushpuppy, here:

This movie won:

Grand Jury Prize Winner: 2012 Sundance Film Festival
Camera d’Or: 2012 Cannes International Film Festival

And here is a quote from a New York Times review:

“The standout of this year’s Sundance and among the best films to play at the festival in two decades.” —Manohla Dargis, New York Times

If you live in Nashville, Beasts of the Southern Wild is now showing at Belcourt Theater in Hillsboro Village.  Show times and more information about the movie is here:

This movie is as ‘deep’ in content as it is in entertainment value.  I highly recommend it!



A Trip to Mars

I thought you were goin’ on the Longest Yard Sale trip,” queried Jabberwocky.  “That’s coming up this weekend, isn’t it?”

Yes, is.  And yes, Two Daughters are going with me for two nights and we’re very excited.  I’ll take pictures and write about our adventure when I return.

“What’s this trip to Mars thing, then?  Are you going to Mars, too?  Any sales there?  I didn’t know people WENT to Mars?”

HA!  Well, Jabberwocky, it was a shock to me as well when I read an email this morning and then linked to the website.  It’s true!  There will be a settlement on Mars in the very near future!

Of course, being 110, it’s unlikely I’ll get to go—but it is possible one of my descendants could.  Certainly, a colony on Mars is science fiction come true.  Jules Verne would be excited about it.

Go to this website and read all about it.

“If I go, can I come back?” asks Jabber………

Well, there is the catch—the answer is, of course, no.  It’s a one-way trip.  But, our Longest Yard Sale Adventure will be two-way and we WILL return hopefully with many treasures in tow!


Everyone has a Jabberwocky





Philosophy—One Inspiring Life

Some blogs are very specific in topic so that one knows more or less what may be posted—that is to say, there are financial blogs, political blogs, household maintenance blogs, craft blogs, etc.  One blog I read every morning, sometimes twice a day, if there are new posts to it, is Jesse’s Café Americain (no, it is not misspelled—he may be French, I’m unsure).  Mainly he deals with topics relating to the precious metals markets and investments, but often he includes philosophy, articles and books he’s read.  I love his daily quotes, often inspiring, sometimes Biblical, usually very appropriate. 

As an item of note, I believe he must be right-leaning politically from some of his written perspectives.  As most of you know, I’m of the ‘other’ persuasion when it comes to all things political, but I have to say I love this guy’s blog.

I also love his graphics, which change and are most unique.  I encourage you to read this entire article, if you are inclined.  It’s quite uplifting and the lessons can certainly be applied to one’s own life, especially in times of troubles and concerns—which seem to be almost continual for most of us, in one way or another.

Here is a quote from his recent post, Late Night Reading:  Jack Lusseyran—Poetry in Buchenwald.  It is actually a quote from Lusseyran’s book.  To read the entire article, click on the link below.

"That is what you had to do to live in the camp: be engaged, not live for yourself alone. The self-centered life has no place in the world of the deported. You must go beyond it, lay hold on something outside yourself.
Never mind how: by prayer if you know how to pray; through another man’s warmth which communicates with yours, or through yours which you pass on to him; or simply by no longer being greedy. Those happy old men were like the hoboes. They asked nothing more for themselves, and that put everything within their reach.
Be engaged, no matter how, but be engaged. It was certainly hard, and most men didn’t achieve it.
Of myself I can’t say why I was never entirely bereft of joy. But it was a fact and my solid support. Joy I found even in strange byways, in the midst of fear itself. And fear departed from me, as infection leaves an abscess and bursts. By the end of a year in Buchenwald I was convinced that life was not at all as I had been taught to believe it, neither life nor society."

Peek a boo visitor

A little dragonfly came by for a short visit today.

He stayed quite still so I could take his picture, but sadly, most of them were blurry, except this one:


So here is a close up:



He is blue and iridescent and he seemed unafraid, allowing me to get quite close to him.  He looked at me several times, with his tiny black bead eyes.  Then, he flew onto another perch, waiting for me to come photograph him again, which I did.  Peek a boo!


Dinner Party

We held our dinner club party last night at our house.  Here is the story in photos.  (Thanks to Ted for snapping some of them!)

Before the guests arrived:

image  image

image  image

Maybe you recognize some brocanting finds?  The dishes are Royal Dolton Stanwick, the bust and tea pot were recent finds.

image  image

Dinner—Ted and Dawn below.




Charlie.  (Above)

 image image

Jill on the left.  Jabberwocky on the right.  (Above)


Frank and Joe; Dawn in the red dress.  (Above and  below.)



Judy, who made the dessert and helped so much with clean up!


Right before dessert:  Jabberwocky (green), Dawn, Frank, Joe and in the black/white, Jill.


Charlie helps Judy prepare dessert.

Everyone makes something for the dinner.  Delish!

The Menu:

Spinach dip with crackers, chips and fresh vegetables,

Fresh salad greens with heirloom tomatoes and Champaign dressing,

Individual beef Wellingtons, potato puff casserole, bourbon/honey glazed carrots, French bread,

Peach crisp with vanilla ice cream


We all had a grand time, enjoyed our visit together, and obviously we ate well! 

My Name is PollyAnna


My name is PollyAnna,

I was born down near Atlanta,

Singing PollyAnna Doodle All the Day,

Now I live in Tennessee,


I’m as happy as can be,

Singing PollyAnna Doodle All the Day.


They took me to the groomer,

and they put me in a room, Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr……..

SingingPollyAnna Doodle All the Day,

Then they put me in a bath,

and the bubbles made me laugh,


Singing PollyAnna Poodle All the Day!




A lady doesn’t tell her age, but Jabberwocky does—PollyAnna is almost 77 in human years.  She is still frisky, happy, and loves to walk her person a mile twice a day and play ball.  Treat time is her very favorite time of the day. 

She keeps her people on schedule by telling them when to go to sleep.  She knocks all the pillows off the bed and then comes into the family room, sits down in front of the TV and gives them a good stare.  Usually they mind well.

PollyAnna loves people of all sorts and sizes, except for those who come in the big brown trucks.  She is particularly fond of licking small people’s feet and her Dad’s legs.  She’s kept her girlish figure and is in very good health.  While she likes to be outside, she won’t stay outside without one of her people with her.  They might get into trouble alone inside.

She just returned from the beauty parlor and looks especially pretty today, but obviously is a little bit camera shy.  And sleepy.

And yes, she is still, as ever, a Sundance Leaping Poodle!

A Rainey Adventure

“So, did ya’ get wet and all?” asked Jabberwocky who had stayed home because it looked threatening.  “You look unstarched!”

Which is to say, a bit damp around the edges, but not too bad……and we had fun, although we only had Thumper, Vanna, Sosew and me on the morning’s capers this week.  Girlfriend is off on her own adventures as was Cupcake—something about food involved for her!

So off we went, to two community sales, the one here in our area was super with Vanna locating a wonderful shop vac for a wonderful price and many other assorted treasures found.

I got so excited that I had to break into song and dance with one of my finds:


“Strike Up the Band!”

Girlfriend was not there to regale and delight us with her antics, so SOMEBODY had to do it.  Besides, I forgot my camera this morning so Vanna took the shot with her iphone.

Meanwhile, I received some, ahhh, interesting photos from Girlfriend, off on her own adventure on the East Coast:


She said that they thought it was a woodchuck.  Keep in mind that these folks are, well, city-dwellers, not country folk.  I, myself, am quite sure that it is one of Santa’s reindeer—this could be dire news for most of us who depend upon his bringing gifts on December 24.  I surely hope it is one of his spare, backup reindeer………

Meanwhile, I suppose you want to see what I found today, eh?

Well, here are a few loot shoot shots:

image  image


image  image

image  image

When we were finished with almost all the sales at the two communities, the rain came down—and we drove back to our area for coffee and rolls. 

Another fun morning spent with some of my favorite ladies who make all our adventures memorable!


Who Gets to Vote?

This is a political, progressive post about voter rights.  You have been warned.  BE SURE TO CLICK ON COMMENTS FOR CLARIFICATION ON THIS ISSUE.

By now, if you read this blog very often, you must realize one of my passions is politics.  If you don’t want to read about what politically PERTAINS TO YOU, then please stop here.  This isn’t about some group you don’t really care or know anything about—this is about YOU and your right to vote.

You think that this doesn’t involve YOU?  Well, take a look at this, LADIES:

Only 48 percent of voting-age women with access to their birth certificates have a birth certificate with a current legal name, which means that as many as 32 million American women do not have proof of citizenship with their current legal name, according to the Brennan Center.

Um hum………..this is happening, right now—and may become a trend in all those states which seek to mandate voters to provide PROOF OF CITIZENSHIP. See below………..

You are registered.  You have a history of voting.  You have a driver’s license or some type of valid identification and so you KNOW you won’t be turned away and be ineligible to vote.  Right?

Guess again, my friends—here is the latest information on YOUR right/privilege (call it whatever you wish) to vote and how it stands in other states at the present time.  Remember, our own state, Tennessee, now has a voter identification requirement. 

These laws have all been passed to prevent illegal votes from being cast.  It must be a huge problem, you think, don’t you?  Really?  From what I have read, and what the proponents of these voter ID laws use as facts, about 340 illegal votes have been cast in the entire country over the past 10 years—which works out to something like 7/10th of a vote, pre state, per year.  If this is a huge problem, then obviously, I don’t know anything about statistics at all.  And we are all fools to fall for this argument.

The argument on the ‘other side’ of this is that there is a lot a fraud which has NOT BEEN DISCOVERED.


Well, of course.  I’m sure they are right—but I’d say that the undiscovered fraud has more to do with other issues, not illegal votes being cast. 

I’m going to verify this information for you:

here is the uplifting news—from this website:

Look at the slide show.  It is up right now, at about 9:50 a.m., Central Time, on July 13, 2012.


Florida Eliminates Early Voting On Sundays

Tensions run high in Florida, a critical battleground state that passed an election law last year with several contested provisions. One bans a decade-long practice of early voting on Sundays before the election — a window when as many as 30 percent of black voters have previously cast ballots after attending church in a “souls to the polls” movement. Republican lawmakers claim the provision is meant to reduce election fraud, but some black Democrats say the calculation is more sinister.
“It’s my feeling it was done deliberately, a premeditated design, to suppress the vote of African-Americans in this country because it’s playing out all over the nation in every state. It was intentional,” Florida Sen. Arthenia Joyner (D-Tampa) said.

Photo ID Firestorm Rocks South Carolina

The Justice Department dealt a blow to South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley’s law requiring voters to show photo ID at the polls, arguing that it discriminated along racial lines. Haley’s administration fired back with a lawsuit that is expected to be decided in September.
Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-S.C.) said earlier this year that Republicans hope to tip the outcome of the presidential election by lowering voter turnout by 1 percent in each of nine states that have passed voter ID laws, the
West Ashley Patch reports.
“I know nothing has changed yet,” he said. “But I just do not trust the judiciary that we’re operating under.”

Disenfranchised Grandmother Sues Pennsylvania

Under Pennsylvania’s new voter ID law, voters must show a photo ID issued by the state or federal government. The state-issued IDs are free, but getting one requires a birth certificate, which costs $10 in Pennsylvania.
Not everyone is having an easy time navigating the new system. Earlier this month, Viviette Applewhite, 93,
filed a lawsuit with the ACLU and NAACP challenging the law. Applewhite, who marched with Martin Luther King Jr. during the civil rights movement, does not have a driver’s license, and the state cannot find her birth certificate. She is afraid that this year will be the first since 1960 that she will be unable to vote.
Applewhite’s dilemma is not uncommon. Some
700,000 Pennsylvanians lack photo ID and half of them are seniors. According to the Brennan Center, 25 percent of voting-age black citizens have no government-issued photo ID, compared to 8 percent of white citizens.

Kansas Moves To Accelerate Proof Of Citizenship Law

The Kansas House voted earlier this year to move up the date a proof of citizenship law goes into effect to June 15, 2012, so it will limit who can vote in the presidential election.
HuffPost’s John Celock

Rep. Ann Mah (D-Topeka) said the entire idea of proof of citizenship to vote would fail in court due to it being discriminatory against married women who change their names. Mah said that women who change their name need to provide proof of marriage and citizenship and an affidavit regarding the name change.
Rep. Scott Schwab (R-Olathe) took issue with Mah’s claims of court challenges. “I get frustrated that everyone who does not like policy says we’ll end up in court,” he said.

Only 48 percent of voting-age women with access to their birth certificates have a birth certificate with a current legal name, which means that as many as 32 million American women do not have proof of citizenship with their current legal name, according to the Brennan Center.
The bill to change the start date eventually failed, but will still go into effect next year.


Wisconsin Law Continues To Disenfranchise Voters After Suspension

Last year, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker signed a voter ID bill into law, calling it a “common sense reform” that would “go a long way to protecting the integrity of elections in Wisconsin.” As Walker’s June 5 recall election approached, two judges suspended it on the basis that it is unconstitutional.
Still, poll workers
reportedly asked some voters to show photo ID during Wisconsin’s April 2 primary, and one woman said that she and her 87-year-old mother were turned away at the polls because they lacked current photo IDs — even though they were registered to vote.
“We were listed on their friggin’ poll list and yet we had our names highlighted,” the woman, who wanted to remain anonymous,
told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.


SOMEBODY had better get fired up about this—and I’d say, among other groups which we all know are targeted, it’s the women who should be front and center.  Because, ladies, WE ARE ON THE FIRING LINE.  This is now PERSONAL.  People died to get the right to vote.  You going to let “them” take it away without a fight?  Or does anybody care out there?

P.S.  If you live in Kansas, and you are a female, may I suggest you consider relocating to another state?  Just think, if every married woman moved out of state, I’ll bet that this law would change, and fast.  You know, kind of like if men got pregnant – you finish the sentence.



Chicken Pot Pie and a Unique Tea

Every week or so the food in the fridge and fresh fruits and vegetables need to be checked….are we going to consume them in the next couple of days, or do I need to do something with them so they do not ‘go bad’ and need to be thrown away—wasted!

Most vegetables and fruits can be frozen successfully along with cooked meats:  Prepackage for another meal or combine for casseroles and soups; chop up vegetables and put in plastic bags so that they can be added to recipes.  I also freeze herbs and many other items.

We are two people who have company on and off, but mostly I am preparing food for just two of us.  One item we buy quite a bit is rotisserie chicken and enjoy it,  but there is always a lot left.  I debone and de-skin them and place the meat in a container in the freezer, adding various leftover vegetables to the container until I have enough to make something with them.

The other day I made a casserole of  chicken, small cut up baked potatoes, assorted green vegetables and added a couple of tomato slices which were leftover.    All of this had been frozen in one container.

Add to this, some chopped onions, garlic and green peppers (all of which can be frozen, which I do as well), salt and pepper, some mixed herbs and a little chicken stock (or water or a cream soup if you have no stock) and heat in the oven.  I topped that casserole with some crushed potato chips which were leftover as well.  (Yes, they can also be frozen and keep well for a long time.)

But……..too much leftover there, too!  I know not to refreeze already frozen, cooked meat, so, today I added a can of sliced carrots along with a little bit of thickening roux of flour and water, a few more chopped frozen onions and peppers and put the mixture into four small casserole dishes.  I will top these with biscuits and bake until piping hot—chicken pot pie!

I will give three of these to Daughter for her family for dinner tonight.  (I left the carrots on top for ‘pretty’ in the pictures, but these will be topped with biscuits.)



And for us, I will top one casserole with leftover biscuits.  For Daughter, I’ll get a container of biscuits to pop open and place on top of the casseroles while baking.


AND>>>>> This morning I also noted that two limes and two green apples were needing attention, so I squeezed the juice from them—with this:


The apples ‘juiced’ fairly well and I knew we were not going to eat them, so better to try than just throw them out.  Same with the limes.  (The juicer is called an Orange-X and works by leverage.  Of course, you know where I got it!)

And then I made about 3 cups of black tea (microwave water until boiling, add tea bag, cover and steep 3 minutes).

Add some simple syrup to the lime and apple juices and mix with the tea.  It is delicious!  I did not need over 1/2 cup of simple syrup and it will be a refreshing, unique flavor iced, to have with our casseroles.


I have used these techniques—freezing cooked food, chopping up vegetables and freezing them, freezing fruits and nuts as well as many baked goods—successfully for many years.  It helps keep the grocery cost down plus provides incentive to be creative with leftovers. 

My parents lived through the Great Depression, learning how to be extremely frugal.  Our generation has been wealthy, in comparison.  We have forgotten some of the lessons of frugality—one of which was not to be wasteful.  Since economic times have become more difficult in the past few years, it doesn’t hurt to rethink our lifestyles a bit.  Aside from this, I frankly enjoy thinking up ways to use leftovers.

Hope this gives you some ideas!

Caveat: This is the very last go-round, however, for these foods. What isn’t eaten tonight (or lapped up by Dog), gets tossed. I have been careful to safely handle all these foods, keeping them chilled until use, heating thoroughly, and quickly chilling the first casserole as soon as it had cooled enough to put into the refrigerator. I know that food handlers recommend one not reheat already frozen and reheated foods. While this is prudent advice, if one is careful with food, consumes it within a day or two of original cooking, one should not encounter any issues. Heat thoroughly! Handle carefully. Never eat anything which you think is ‘questionable’!

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