Beasts of the Southern Wild

We went to the premier screening—well, the second night of the premier screening—of the movie, Beasts of the Southern Wild, on Saturday night.  The screenings for both Friday and Saturday nights were sold out!

The movie itself is thought-provoking.  It’s the story of one small girl and, through her eyes, the unfolding of her world experiences.  The story is fiction with some real-life overtones and one is both appalled and fascinated by the culture in which she lives, the celebrations and tragedies which unfold, and the thoughts she has about all of life itself.  In many ways, it is one of the more profound movies of our day, prompting everyone to think about a variety of issues.

Secondly, the producer, Matt Parker, and the main male character, “Wink”, Mr. Dwight Henry, were there and answered audience questions after the screening.

And thirdly, we met some new friends as well as Matt Parker, the producer himself, who just happens to be the son of a friend.

Interesting aside:  both the little girl in the movie, Quvenzhané Wallis, and Mr. Henry had never performed as actors before.  Mr. Henry is from New Orleans, has the beautiful, lyrical, natural accent from that area which makes his speech so interesting.  He was ‘discovered’ in his bakery which is located across the street from the production company’s offices.

The little girl, Quvenzhané Wallis, who was age 5 when cast in the role, won over 4,000 contestants for the part.  She is incredible in her debut acting role.  Read more about her and the character she plays, Hushpuppy, here:

This movie won:

Grand Jury Prize Winner: 2012 Sundance Film Festival
Camera d’Or: 2012 Cannes International Film Festival

And here is a quote from a New York Times review:

“The standout of this year’s Sundance and among the best films to play at the festival in two decades.” —Manohla Dargis, New York Times

If you live in Nashville, Beasts of the Southern Wild is now showing at Belcourt Theater in Hillsboro Village.  Show times and more information about the movie is here:

This movie is as ‘deep’ in content as it is in entertainment value.  I highly recommend it!



A Trip to Mars

I thought you were goin’ on the Longest Yard Sale trip,” queried Jabberwocky.  “That’s coming up this weekend, isn’t it?”

Yes, is.  And yes, Two Daughters are going with me for two nights and we’re very excited.  I’ll take pictures and write about our adventure when I return.

“What’s this trip to Mars thing, then?  Are you going to Mars, too?  Any sales there?  I didn’t know people WENT to Mars?”

HA!  Well, Jabberwocky, it was a shock to me as well when I read an email this morning and then linked to the website.  It’s true!  There will be a settlement on Mars in the very near future!

Of course, being 110, it’s unlikely I’ll get to go—but it is possible one of my descendants could.  Certainly, a colony on Mars is science fiction come true.  Jules Verne would be excited about it.

Go to this website and read all about it.

“If I go, can I come back?” asks Jabber………

Well, there is the catch—the answer is, of course, no.  It’s a one-way trip.  But, our Longest Yard Sale Adventure will be two-way and we WILL return hopefully with many treasures in tow!


Everyone has a Jabberwocky





Philosophy—One Inspiring Life

Some blogs are very specific in topic so that one knows more or less what may be posted—that is to say, there are financial blogs, political blogs, household maintenance blogs, craft blogs, etc.  One blog I read every morning, sometimes twice a day, if there are new posts to it, is Jesse’s Café Americain (no, it is not misspelled—he may be French, I’m unsure).  Mainly he deals with topics relating to the precious metals markets and investments, but often he includes philosophy, articles and books he’s read.  I love his daily quotes, often inspiring, sometimes Biblical, usually very appropriate. 

As an item of note, I believe he must be right-leaning politically from some of his written perspectives.  As most of you know, I’m of the ‘other’ persuasion when it comes to all things political, but I have to say I love this guy’s blog.

I also love his graphics, which change and are most unique.  I encourage you to read this entire article, if you are inclined.  It’s quite uplifting and the lessons can certainly be applied to one’s own life, especially in times of troubles and concerns—which seem to be almost continual for most of us, in one way or another.

Here is a quote from his recent post, Late Night Reading:  Jack Lusseyran—Poetry in Buchenwald.  It is actually a quote from Lusseyran’s book.  To read the entire article, click on the link below.

"That is what you had to do to live in the camp: be engaged, not live for yourself alone. The self-centered life has no place in the world of the deported. You must go beyond it, lay hold on something outside yourself.
Never mind how: by prayer if you know how to pray; through another man’s warmth which communicates with yours, or through yours which you pass on to him; or simply by no longer being greedy. Those happy old men were like the hoboes. They asked nothing more for themselves, and that put everything within their reach.
Be engaged, no matter how, but be engaged. It was certainly hard, and most men didn’t achieve it.
Of myself I can’t say why I was never entirely bereft of joy. But it was a fact and my solid support. Joy I found even in strange byways, in the midst of fear itself. And fear departed from me, as infection leaves an abscess and bursts. By the end of a year in Buchenwald I was convinced that life was not at all as I had been taught to believe it, neither life nor society."

Peek a boo visitor

A little dragonfly came by for a short visit today.

He stayed quite still so I could take his picture, but sadly, most of them were blurry, except this one:


So here is a close up:



He is blue and iridescent and he seemed unafraid, allowing me to get quite close to him.  He looked at me several times, with his tiny black bead eyes.  Then, he flew onto another perch, waiting for me to come photograph him again, which I did.  Peek a boo!


Dinner Party

We held our dinner club party last night at our house.  Here is the story in photos.  (Thanks to Ted for snapping some of them!)

Before the guests arrived:

image  image

image  image

Maybe you recognize some brocanting finds?  The dishes are Royal Dolton Stanwick, the bust and tea pot were recent finds.

image  image

Dinner—Ted and Dawn below.




Charlie.  (Above)

 image image

Jill on the left.  Jabberwocky on the right.  (Above)


Frank and Joe; Dawn in the red dress.  (Above and  below.)



Judy, who made the dessert and helped so much with clean up!


Right before dessert:  Jabberwocky (green), Dawn, Frank, Joe and in the black/white, Jill.


Charlie helps Judy prepare dessert.

Everyone makes something for the dinner.  Delish!

The Menu:

Spinach dip with crackers, chips and fresh vegetables,

Fresh salad greens with heirloom tomatoes and Champaign dressing,

Individual beef Wellingtons, potato puff casserole, bourbon/honey glazed carrots, French bread,

Peach crisp with vanilla ice cream


We all had a grand time, enjoyed our visit together, and obviously we ate well! 

My Name is PollyAnna


My name is PollyAnna,

I was born down near Atlanta,

Singing PollyAnna Doodle All the Day,

Now I live in Tennessee,


I’m as happy as can be,

Singing PollyAnna Doodle All the Day.


They took me to the groomer,

and they put me in a room, Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr……..

SingingPollyAnna Doodle All the Day,

Then they put me in a bath,

and the bubbles made me laugh,


Singing PollyAnna Poodle All the Day!




A lady doesn’t tell her age, but Jabberwocky does—PollyAnna is almost 77 in human years.  She is still frisky, happy, and loves to walk her person a mile twice a day and play ball.  Treat time is her very favorite time of the day. 

She keeps her people on schedule by telling them when to go to sleep.  She knocks all the pillows off the bed and then comes into the family room, sits down in front of the TV and gives them a good stare.  Usually they mind well.

PollyAnna loves people of all sorts and sizes, except for those who come in the big brown trucks.  She is particularly fond of licking small people’s feet and her Dad’s legs.  She’s kept her girlish figure and is in very good health.  While she likes to be outside, she won’t stay outside without one of her people with her.  They might get into trouble alone inside.

She just returned from the beauty parlor and looks especially pretty today, but obviously is a little bit camera shy.  And sleepy.

And yes, she is still, as ever, a Sundance Leaping Poodle!

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