Kids’ Cowboy Room—FINI!


“Well, it’s about time you got that done is all I’ve got to say,” said Jabberwocky.

She’s like that.  Impatient to get the thing done.  I, myself,—that is, rather, me, myself and I and excluding Jabberwocky—tend to rather enjoy the searching, the thinking, the rearranging, the shopping, the creating and all that.  Jabberwocky?  No.  She just wants it finished.  Says it was her ‘vision’ anyway.  (Yeah?  How come I have to do all the work then?)

So, finally it is and she’s glad, but now of course, wants me to finish up some other things.  Oh, gee whiz, you are SO impatient Jabber!  (Sometimes I want to tell her to just SHUT IT!  But that never works.)

So I promised more pictures, here they are (sorry if this project is getting boring to you—if it is, you must be related to Jabberwocky?)

Open the doors, and this is what faces you in the room—I bought the bedspread for $50 (Wal Mart).  Everything else I had on hand or bought at sales.  The boot is made out of old license plates and is ‘on loan’ from daughter.  (We do things like that—so we always have new stuff to look at!)  The closet doors are covered in fabric—I stapled the fabric to the top and edges half-way down the doors.  They can still be opened, but disguise the huge white closet doors pretty well.  The fabric stapling does NOT ruin the doors, either, which will make me happy later when I decide to change the room.  Which I will.  Most likely.  Sometime.  But not for a couple of years.  I don’t think.


I confess.  I am still contemplating a couple of big, rustic signs made out of old wood for the empty wall over the bed.  Caught between “You have too  MANY focal points” and “You need something on that big, blank wall.”  So….maybe the room ISN’T done, after all.   Who knows.  My entire LIFE seems to be a work in progress, emphasis on the work part.

Here is a close up of the boot.  She bought that when we ventured out on the longest yard sale last August along with my other daughter.  We are all going again this year!  We had a blast!


image  image

More photos of the room.  I moved the small chair in because we will be having adult company this coming week.


I moved the bookcase to this side of the room so I won’t have to move it out to set up the trundle bed.  The picture is from Thumper!  (Thank you, Thumper—it is just perfect!  It may be hung on the other wall, once I get the trundle set up—unsure just yet.)  And the hobby horse was found just this weekend on our Brocanting foray.  I tried it out, works fine!  I am able to gallop quite well.  (I wonder if I should take it to class tomorrow?)


Here is a close up of the doors to the room from inside—I love that fabric for the theme.  I added a bit more on the top so that privacy from outside the room is ensured.   Didn’t even have to hem them!




On the other side of the room are the table and chairs and the bench with pillows—for reading or activities.  (Details of the little table and chairs, below.)image

image  image




At the end of the bed, there is the staircase with storage.  And the door to the attic looks like a window.









Note the lampshade?  When the light is on, the cowboys, horses and stars show up.


I hope my 3 and 5 year old grandsons like this room—it was designed with them in mind.   I also think that it will work well for adult guests who stay.  I will post pictures later this week of what the room looks like when both beds are set up.



Sometimes you don’t even know what you have found…

Oh boy.  Have I a surprise for you.  It was sure a surprise for me!

Take a look at these, found today, for $2 each:




I looked at the nutcrackers again when I got home—seems some had their original tags, labeled, Steinbach. 

Hmmmmmmmm–that sounds vaguely familiar……..So I looked them up on ebay……………oh.



Then, I turned one over—to look at the bottom………….it is the one with the fiddle and the pipe—top picture on the right.


The bottom has the original price tag. 



Well, call me a nut! 

Not Your Grandma’s Yardmen

Uh, no.  They are not your Grandma’s Yardmen.  They ARE GRANDMA! and GRANDPA!

Retired?  What are you talking about???

For example, I know of one woman, Maisie, who helped her husband cut down/bring down a HUGE tree in their backyard.  Actually, not just one, several.  When I say huge, I mean about 30 feet tall or taller.  She had a rope tied around it to pull it in the right direction, but at one point realized it was going to take her airborne, and so had her spouse quickly run to her aid.  Together, they pulled it down.


There she is, whacking that tree limb!


Maisie and Hubby are about ready to bring this one down!



Here it comes!  She’s the one in the red—you can barely see her in the limbs……she rode that limb all the way down!

Come on people! I HIRE young men to do that sort of thing. Are you kidding me? This morning she had 50 bags of mulch in her driveway. After we walked our allotted 3 miles, (recently, she’s been doing 10—you know, just for fun), she was preparing to spread it in her gardens.


She’s not the only one, our Leader has been known to do the mulch thing too, when she isn’t running—MILES she runs.  And goes to visit her daughter in Florida and hangs out with the gardeners and puts mulch down there, too.   Like there isn’t enough to do here?

We more ‘normal’ retirees do less adventurous things, but I’m proud to say I counted up what we DO in class and I’m impressed, and I think you will be too.

We did 32 squats in a row, then proceeded to do 16 more, followed by about 30 walking lunges and then 96 crunches of varying types. This, of course, is only part of it—we do kicks, leg lifts, weights, and a lot of aerobics like galloping sideways, moving our feet up and down like the football players do to warm up, jumping side to side, etc.  (And when I say we lift weights, I’m talking 6 lbs. on both sides.  Try doing bench presses, standing, without a break—36 of them, with a ‘rest’ in between just standing there, holding those weights still in the air.  Yeah.  Not so wimpy, is it?  You ought to see me handle a grocery bag NOW!  Ask ME if I need ‘help to the car’ and I might just deck you.)

The other day, an older woman was being shown a tour of the building. She was outside the door, looking in, as we are all doing our ‘football warm ups’ looking ominous, I’m sure. Anyway, she walked away, came back 5 minutes later and we were doing them again. I think we scared her—a bunch of 60 to 80 (plus) year olds pounding our feet pretty fast, arms in front of us clenching our fists, bending slightly, and grimacing, looking generally ferocious.  I told Leader we should follow her down the hallway doing those and REALLY give her a scare. (It was pretty funny.)

I can not believe I’m doing all this stuff.

So, I came home and made 36 muffins, three varieties.  Oh.  There was a book club meeting the next day, and I brought muffins.  Well, sure there are only about 12 of us in the club, but you never know when the army might show up.

And, just to honor our Leader, we gave her an EASY BUTTON—it says what she sometimes says after we are all there with our tongues hanging out of our mouths, gasping for water!—THAT WAS EASY.  (She laughed, by the way.)

Well, gotta’ run.   I see the street pavers are down the street and need some help pouring the hot tar.  Just trying to help out, you know.   Maisie’s likely already helping, maybe shoveling the gravel.  We like to be helpful.

Bet you can’t WAIT to retire, can you?


Oh, alright, in the name of honesty, the pictures aren’t really of Maisie.  Seems the people next door are having their trees cut down and I just could not resist.  The rest of the story is true, though.  And I think that’s amazing enough!


Who says Nashville is only Country Music?  No!

We have a wonderful Jazz Venue! and workshop.  Lots of enjoyable inexpensive entertainment.  Go to this website for more information:

(From a Friend of this Blog:  You can also tour the museum free when you attend the free concert. Parking is all you pay for.)


Jazz On The Move Returns This Sunday, April 22

That’s Right! The wildly popular “Jazz On The Move” series returns to the Frist Center for the Visual Arts this Sunday, April 22 at 3pm. This time around, we’re going all the way back to the beginning with a discussion and presentation of “Early Jazz” with saxophonist and educator, Denis Solee and Friends. We’re talking about old school New Orleans and how the melting pot of cultures and music simmered into the musical form that became known as “jazz.” These early musical forms remain popular even today, 100 years later! For our Events page, click –>

The program is at 3pm in the auditorium of the Frist Center at 919 Broadway. As always, admission is free, includes reduced parking rates, and attendees get free access to the museum exhibits! These events are very popular, so come early to get a seat.

Jazz on the Move is made possible by generous contributions from the FRIST FOUNDATION – and from contributions by patrons of the series, like you! Thank you!

April 29, 2012, 3 to 5 p.m.

Special Live Performance by Beegie Adair Trio, hors d’oeuvres and CD signing.  1319 Adams Street, Nashville, TN  37208


Quick tips

I recently visited the doctor who provides a LOT of education with every visit….and helps me look a bit younger (anyway, I think so).

Here is a tip from him (other than the one about using Preparation H cooling gel to dissipate small wrinkles (fine lines)—it works, by the way):

Best moisturizer?  Olive oil.  Use it to remove makeup, then use it as a moisturizer at night on your skin and, why not the entire body?  And, no, despite what Jabberwocky is telling me, it really doesn’t matter if it is Virgin Olive Oil or Extra Virgin Olive Oil, any kind will work.  Buy inexpensive, why not?  You’ll only need a little bit.

(I think it would be best to use a less greasy moisturizer during the day under makeup, though.)

Best astringent? (This is from me, so take it for what it is worth.)  Witch Hazel. 

Put them in pretty bottles in your bathroom.  Have some cotton balls available, too.  You don’t need much of any of it at one time, and really, if they are in pretty bottles, you’ll feel like you are giving yourself a real beauty treatment.  Frankly, it helps to motivate me.

So, there you have it:  your beauty product cost should go way way down with these products! 

(And if the toothpaste warning scared you, try baking soda.  My Mom used it most of her life—no added ingredients, though, it’ll just get your teeth clean.)


Do you read signs?  Not just signs posted, but signs that something is going to go wrong, or signs posted on products warning you about dangers which lurk within?  Maybe you should?  Just today, I’ve located some interesting signs for moi.

Sign:  the new closet is not likely to stay very organized:




Sign:  warning of the risks of daily life (and the daily grind):

Brushing our teeth—warning on toothpaste, for goodness’ sake!!!!


In case you can’t read this, it says:

“if more than needed for brushing is accidentally swallowed, get medical help or contact poison control…………..”

Did you know you were taking your life in your hands every time you brush your teeth? 

On the washer and the dryer, too


I know it’s a blurry picture.  Go read your own!  It says, “Fire Hazard.”  duhhhh

So, I made my own sign when I got a very expensive iron, knowing full well that the kids would use it when they were here:


A Gentle Reminder….

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To all of you who have sent a donation, it is gratefully acknowledged. 

Make a donation for Nick.

The benefit is:  Saturday, April 21, 2012, 5:00pm to 10:00pm

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