The Racers

They came, they ate and slept and then they left—it was a whirlwind!

It is the day of the Great Race.  Daughter-in-law arrived with entourage last evening, coming from the far-off North, well, Illinois, actually, and excited, all of them, about their first half marathon. 

I fed them Baked Ziti, salad and bread.  They brought wine, red, for the occasion and their enthusiasm which was the best part of it all.  How exhilarating to be around such vibrant young women!

Here are a few photos:


Are they not all gorgeous?  Ah yes, I thought so as well!


My two favorites, not just for the race, either!  Daughter on left and Daughter-in-law on right.  Beauties, aren’t they?  How lucky I am to have such enthusiasm envelop my home, even it if seems way too short a time.


Son-in-law, really my second son, is very patient.  He is married to Daughter.  Handsome, supportive, intelligent—oh, now I am just bragging about my family, aren’t I? (I am allowed, yes?)  And, he brought CUPCAKES for dessert! 


The girls all had these shirts on, matching shirts.  It is the first half marathon for all, except Daughter who caught the ‘bug’ a few years ago.  It seems contagious!


This morning as they are leaving to go to the race, about 5:15.


It is cool, cloudy, but promises to be perfect weather for racers.  I wish them all well—most of all, I hope they have a lot of fun!

Tonight they will celebrate, and stay in a hotel downtown.  It was so delightful to have them here, even only briefly.

The day is dawning.  It is time for me to get ready for sales.  I, too, shall have fun today, of a different sort.  I shall report!



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