Not exactly Paris

“Why can’t we go to Paris?” asked Jabberwocky.

Well, we could have. 

There is Paris, France, and then there is Paris, TN and Paris, IL and likely many Parises I don’t even know about. 

Paris, France—a lovely idea, I thought—but alas, we ran out of time (and money) and so……..we chose to stay around here this morning to brocante.

(Evidently Cupcake, finding out our plans, was most upset and opted to sleep in.  I think we may have broken her heart not going to Paris this weekend—I hope we didn’t though.  And Vanna had other obligations and, I fear, was tired of being trapped in the back seat, having to arrange everything for the rest of us for storage as we bought our way through the last brocanting sessions.  Well, perhaps the next time we go?  Perhaps they will choose to come along and maybe we WILL go to Paris, France.  I would not count upon it, however.)

So, off we went on this fine morning—Sosew, Girlfriend, Thumper and me, Jabberwocky.



Sosew in the blue, Girlfriend in the black top conferring with a seller. 


Thumper is seriously, very seriously, considering this battery operated lantern—in case we lose electricity.


She bought it!  (Bunnies do not like to be in the dark.)

At some point, Girlfriend scarfed up this, well, uh…this scarf.  And then she wore it for the duration.  And Thumper located a new purse to go with her new shoes—here they are modeling:


We do stop to smell the roses—and if not roses, to admire the various flowers and yards and gardens, like this:


And to grab a bite to eat—we were really tired by then!


But, we were happy!


Except, evidently, for Girlfriend who had removed her scarf by then and must have been missing it?

Sosew was happy with her purchases and showing off the $1 metal lampshade Girlfriend acquired.


Thumper is happy too!


Actually, she has just been freed from the back—she was digging to get things out!  (Keep in mind Thumper IS a bunny, and bunnies do, occasionally, dig.  So, what can I tell you?)

Well, I can tell you what I bought—some of the items:


Metal hooks that look like dresses.  $5.  Unsure where I’ll hang this, but it certainly is novel.

image  image

Two purses, each $4.  My REAL name begins with “M”—but my middle name begins with “J”—you knew that, though, right?


Two Sock Rabbits!  $1 each.  They will appear, I believe, at Christmas time.  (At least, that’s what they told Thumper.)

And in a free bag:



(I felt safe bringing them home as they are not Panda bears.  They are Coke-drinking bears.  And did I mention, they were all  FREE?)

And some other real treasures for nominal cost!  It was a really wonderful morning.  I believe we are just practicing for our trip to Paris, France where we will take the brocantes by storm!

(“Oh, you will believe anything, won’t you Jabberwocky?” I asked. 

“No, not anything.  I do not, for example, believe you actually bought ANOTHER Christmas tree.  But you did.”

“Yes, but I’d just hate to run SHORT you know….and it was only $6 and it is 6 foot tall—that is $1 a foot!”)


For once, I have left Jabberwocky speechless. 


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. joe
    Apr 29, 2012 @ 08:39:45

    “Speechless” is one adjective that I would never ascribe to you! (He said in the very best possible way).


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