Early morning green

In late April, after last night’s storm.  A moment to be grateful.




First light coming through the trees—it is blue skies today, I hope.


The mint has taken over the herb garden.  I shall have to get busy, and soon.  It is cool and crisp and very lovely this morning, about 5:45 a.m.  And that is Harpethview—well, near the Harpeth—at the dawn of a lovely late April day.

I have already received some happy news this morning—a friend’s medical procedure went well and he is out of danger.  I’ve read a couple of inspiring blog posts, and I’m looking forward to having my daughter-in-law and her friends coming tonight.  Tomorrow, it shall be another brocanting morning with friends.  The day is starting out on happy notes.  I shall sing while cleaning and cooking today, happy in the tasks.


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